Juz a normal guy in this whacky world... Striving to have a "normal" if there is one in this world...

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all :)
Received a lot of SMSes from friends! Thanks!
Hope you all enjoy this holiday but I juz want to say...
Christmas is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ
who came to save our sins and thats why its Christmas

For those that are reading this juz wan to let u guys know its
Christmas and NOT X'mas, ok?

Anyways I was bored and I found some photos of my work space...
I mean my cube... my tiny little cube where by I work everyday...
I spend more time there than my house!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


I am feelin very shitty today
Still hang over from last nite yet I woke up at 6am for work
Life is great!!! Can I resign please?

Luckily for me I'll be on leave till Christmas ^^

Booze is bad for health

I am very the drunk as i write this XD
1am and i juz got home
went boozing with some colleagues which in the end we
went to Soho's and got even more drunk
Dell S&P Party wor :P
Farkin drunk
I love BOOZE!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sadness... what a song can do to your life

This song was introduced to me by a fren...
A very very good fren back from college days...
He's now in SG enjoying his life... blardee monkey =)

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this song as well...
It sure did bring up some old memories and tear ='(

I present Li Sheng Jie & Dunno who (fun cheong) - Ni Na Mo Ai Ta
Hokkien: Lu Aneh Ai Ee
Bahasa Melayu: Kau Begitu Cintakan Dia
English: You So Love Her (direct translation sorry) =P

Friday, December 08, 2006

Challenge and Stress

In a recent post I have mentioned that I went for an interview...
Results were actually announced last week
I got the JOB! :)
I am not officially doin 2 roles for my team.
There will be 6 people under me... more to come
Doin a Team Leader and also Level 2 role
Management and also Technical role which is quite stressing me out lately
Monday, Tuesday and Weds work from 5am to 6pm
Luckily Thursday and today I got take leave... if not die man

Well I will take this as a challenge and hopefully learn more and develop myself
I think being able to manage people will eventually be the thing that everyone has to do

Ah another thing u guys might be thinking, "oh farker got another promotion! make him treat!"
actually thats not the case.... I took up this role with no promotion or increment :)
However if things goes well I will eventually (2 months time) convert fully to a team lead and
also find a replacement L2 to replace me :)

So scrap that thought of askin me treat :)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Dinner and Present

Photo Blog...

26th November 2006...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

- Happy Burfday GNMY -

I would like to dedicate this post to GNMY, someone very special to me
that has been at my side no matter what.
Happy Burfday! May God bless you always and shower your needs always.
Happy Burfday Grace! Muacks!

Busy with work

Well as the title says, I'm busy with work!
Been on training for the past 2 weeks and an interview for myself also interviewing others
Now I have to sit for an exam for the training that I went to.
The training was an internal company training for server products.
It was quite fun to learn all that... but... the exam is not useful for me coz
I juz wanted to learn the products... not support them...
Server products are definitely much more interesting than normal desktop & notebooks.
Alot of management stuff that can be done on the server and there is juz so much redundancy
I didnt even know that they have redundancy for RAM/memories!
Wont want to bore you with the training stuff... if want go register and take the training
probably you are from the same company as me :P

Then conducted interview for new up coming L2's...
Probably gonna hire around 4 or more L2's this round!
Looks like a lot of chance for people to grow recently which is good :)
The interview was fun... I felt the power :P I could ask anything I wanted!
It was great fun seing people trembling, freaking out and still trying to give you
an answer at the same time trying to please you... hehehe :D
After torchering some people I got what I deserved
I had to participate in an interview myself :(
I was interviewed by 2 senior managers and 1 HR manager
I was thinking wtf... I am only interviewing for a TL post...
Why need so many high ranking ppl to talk to me?
Worst part is the interview took 15 minutes only :(
My fren had 30 minutes... and me 15 ONLY?
Geez... :(
Anyways results should be out very soon ;)
Actually I know the results... juz dun wan to tell till official statement from management!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Langkawi Trip Nov 2006

Went to Langkawi few weeks ago with Thong and his wife

It was suppose to be a holiday trip but I think I ended up being more
tired and alot more poorer... darn it
Usual thing took the ferry from Penang to Langkawi.
It took around 2.5 hours to get there.
Once we got there even before we went down, a few guys in white
shirt jumped in and started passing around their name cards.
Mau sewa kereta? Tinggal berapa hari? Mau hotel?
Damn I actually got pissed of by this but heck... when we got out
there was even more buggers but these were without uniform
so I guess they must be the illegal ones
So we took the offer from the white shirt guy... Proton Wira for 2 days RM130
I thought that was cheap but to find out that it was non peak so I could
have rented a Honda Civic for that money... darn it
Oh ya... if any of you happen to go Langkawi, if anyone asks you
which hotel you're stayin in... DONT TELL THEM!~, its actually a scam
last day of your stay they will come around your hotel and dent your car
then asking that you pay for it when you return your car... so beware!

Proceeded to find our hotel by the name of Malibest which is not so best!
Whole hotel... we were the only occupants... scary man...
Well anyway Malibest is located at Pantai Chenang... something like
Penang's Batu Ferringhi... it was nice not many people around
Wanted to go to the beach but both nites rain... man :(
No chance to watch stars!!! Darn it! That was actually what I was
anticipating to do at Langkawi... lay down on the beach and watch STARS!
Well... didnt do much there except shopping -_-" pocket kosong
Bought liquor and chocs as usual and also a digital cam - got cheated :(
Price in Penang for the camera was cheaper by 25 bucks and yet they
could have given me 1GB of memory instead of 256mb :(
Not much lar but still got cheated for 100 bucks or so...
Places I visited was the cable car thing... abit scary the cable car
but it has a breath taking view up there... I juz wish they had made
more shades! The walking up there made me dizzy and tired...
as if not enough from the ferry ride...
Then there is this Underwater Park... I think thats the coolest thing in
Langkawi but dem expensive leh... rm38 for tourist... if you're
Malaysian got discount rm28... it was the same for the cable car ride...
rm35 for tourist, flash them your MyKad or IC and discount till rm25...
I say its cool becoz... no sun... no sweating... :D
There are alot of marine life inside... big big sharks and sting rays... nice
Something like Sentosa Island in Singapore

Well that almost sums up my visit to Langkawi...
And some photos to end it.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

- Work -

Been so busy with work lately
Always end up working 11 to 12 hours a day
Everyday I tell myself I am goin home sharp 9 hours nothing more :(
I fail every day except for Friday :P
Well... life at work has been hectic!
People leaving the team, good people, leaving for better jobs
Sigh... its good for them but bad for the team
The team is in a critical stage and if nothing improves I'm juz worried
they might juz shut my team down and move it back to India
Some of my colleagues wanted to leave hence I thought there was no future
left for me as well, so I went on lookin for a chance to leave as well... AND...
I got it... I was going back to old team... which is great and all that but...
some thing was bothering me actually...
Within the few months being with this new team I have grown fond of them
They are a team of good people that are juz no doing what they should be doing
They are demotivated from doing the best they can do
And being a part of this team, I felt that I had the responsibility to help them
Sigh... What should I do?
Should I leave or should I stay?
Well being in this team I also managed to get my blood pressure up till 140/80 :)
Will I die faster in this team? Probably YES! Haha...
Well... thats my thoughts for now...
Hope God can show me the right path to walk

Saturday, October 21, 2006

IQ Test

Saw this on KCB's blog so... hmm...
I was wondering what my IQ was and being me I could not
resist to do it myself...

FYI I did not use google to search for the english words nor to solve
any of the mathematical questions - I say this becoz I know keebs will
think of me that way... stupid keebs!

And here is my results:

Fuah luckily higher than KCB - haha :P

Here is some of the detailed report of my test.

Great Jobs For You
Because of the way you process information, these are just some of the many careers in which you could excel:
Scientist, Mathematician, Accountant, Data Analyst, Musician, Astronomer, Researcher, Physicist

Knn I knew I was in the wrong line! Patut lah I look like a kangaroo answering phones!

Some of Your Greatest Talents
You've got tons of strengths. It wouldn't surprise us if you:
Are resourceful, Are detail oriented, Are highly efficient & economical, Are lightening quick with responses, Think in numbers, Are experimental

Resourceful - Alvino pinjam 50 cents, want to buy coffee
Detail Oriented - Like robot, "Thank you for calling Hell, my name is robot"
Highly Efficient & ecnonomical - Can sleep 12HR non stop, sleep no need eat save $$$ liao mah :D
Lightning quick with responses - Keebs says "Lu si peh...", Alvino says, "Kiong kan" even before Keebs is able to finish :)
Think in numbers - Cust says, "My computer is dead. What should I do?" Alvino says, "11001001, 10110111"
eXperimental - Always trying to improve the techniques of Kamasutra?

Having said all that please do your own IQ test and let me know your results.
Go to - http://web.tickle.com/tests/uiq/index_main.jsp

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Who are Technical Support people?

Name has been removed to protect the "innocent"

If you wanna know more about the technical support people this is the correct place to read
about it...

In most companies now, you will have a group of people who attend to people within the
company, sometimes external customers, to assist with problems that those people have
on their computers...

They help with very complicated problems such as...
1. Q: I cant turn on my computer!!! What should I do?
A: Did you turn on the main switch?

2. Q: There is nothing on my screen! You better get it working right away!
A: Did you turn on the screen?

3. Q: I cant browse the internet! Get it working or else I'm gonna complain about you!!!
A: Did you turn on the modem and connect to the internet?

Well I think you get the idea...

Is it a problem with the TS (tech support) guys or the customers?
Lets do a comparison...

TS: Fresh grad with diploma in IT
Cust: Possible (CEO of a very big company with double masters?)

Who is smarter now?

Let me show you... who are the people answering your IT helpdesk phone calls

So there you have it folks! Those are the TS people helping you :)
but with the questions that TS people keep getting... maybe its the other way around?

I hope this post has made you smile :) coz I am not smiling... I hate my job! Please kill me!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

RAN Online

RAN Online is basically an online based multiplayer game which I have been playing for the past few months to fill my up time on weekends...

It was introduced to me by my sister, of coz thats the leng lui in the photo above ^^
I'm too lazy to explain how the game is and what its about

Well nothin to do after going through jobstreet so decided to post this...
Anyone who is interested in this game please come and join me =)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Status: Lookin for job!

With the shit that is happening to me at work, I am now officially trying
to get another job! Thank you Mr. Stiff - Management farker :)
Well thats life... gotta move on when you need to...
3 months being in the team, I admit I have not contributed much to the whole team
but I have played my part as a good L2 to some of the L1s there...
They needed help, trust and a fren... I did that for them

Does the management see what I have done? Of coz not... the results are not good
The team as a whole is failing... whose fault is it?
M (Management) is blaming the L2s! L2s are blaming the M!

Let me ask you a question, if a worker/team or worker fails to perform and demotivated,
whose fault is it? ITS THE MANAGER! Right? Do you agree on that?
BUT how can the manager blame the L2? L2s are the people who help the L1s do their
daily job... we are not in charge of their tardiness and attendance...

Damn it!!!
The more I think of this the more pissed off I am
When I heard about the reorg thing going on... I couldnt sleep on the nite before
I slept at 1am only to wake up at 2am thinking its time to go to work
Mana tau 2am only... thats how worried I was

Frenz that are reading this, please find me a job!
Lookin for IT related job
3 years Call centre experience as 1st and 2nd level support

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another Belated Burfday Post - To Mysel

Yup... thats rite... its my burfday

I'm already 25 years old, its so fast...
I wish I was still in secondary school or college
Life then was juz pure happy go lucky

Photo of View from E&O - juz post it coz I think I did a hell of job taking this photo

Now with worries of job security, house loan, car loan, etc.
I think you get what I mean.
Sorry to myself for blogging something sad on my burfday post.

Another great job by my K810i ;)

Partly is because of my stupid job. The management decided
to restructure the organisational chart.
I am now under another boss which I don't really look up to.
I hope in time I will learn to see his good sides? At least
he's the one that gonna give me promotion next year.

Well... coming back to my burfday :)
Celebrated with at Park Royal hotel, buffet dinner.
Food was juz okay... not really what I expected for 80 bucks.
I got a Swatch watch from me dear. Thank you dearie~

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Khai Ma~

This post might seem to be a little bit late but... heck... better late than never

Happy Birthday Khai Ma!

She's the one sitting down on the far left of course.
I got to know her from my house mate - Rau Kau Chuan (Monkey Chuan)
That was back at TARC Penang... good old days :) I still miss those days
Well RK Chuan was my housemate, a year later his cousin came to live
with us as well, thats the guy standing behind us Kay Thong (Chicken Thong).
And of coz we were all good frens, and got to know my Khai Ma (god mother).

She's has been very very nice to me since the day she met me.
I'm very happy to get to know her as she is like a 2nd mother to me back then.
She still is but just that we dont keep in touch that often anymore.

I'd just like to tell her "happy birthday and thank you for all your care!
you are the best "mom" anyone could have!"

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lazy Satoorday

Signing in from work at this moment...
Its pretty boring to work on a Saturday but... get extra $$$ :)
Feel kinda tired today but what to do...

Plans for tonite seem to be interrupted
Everyone has something to do except for me and DC
but... I dont want to go boozing with another guy... it will look very GHEY!
So... I guess tonite will be juz another lazy nite at home... watchin tv...

Anyways wanna upload some pictures here. They are actually some of the accessories I have
in my car.

1.) Giraffe from Makro - my dad forced me to take it

2.) Potpourri from China - no smell one!

3.) Own made potpourri bought from Cameron Highlands

4.) DLS UP1C Tweeters

5.) DLS C6 2-way system

Obviously by reading this post you know how bored I am in the office now...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Farnee Conversation

This has got to be the funniest thing I heard all day.
Below is a portion of a conversation with a fren I shall name N.

ME: you still got any day off left?
N: alot...anything i can help ya?
ME:how many days mate?
N:more than a week
ME:wahhh... 1 year get how many days mate?
N: 364 and 365 once in 4 years. y? u going to die tomorrow?
ME: @#$$%$%^$%@... i askin u 1 year get how many days leave lah!

Sigh... I laff alot becoz of this... juz brightened up my life!
Thank you for your the laff N!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

WK31FY07 - Hectic Week - Updated

As you all may know, I am now in a situation where I have to pay TNB RM800
I still have 1 week left to make my plead
I am still pending updates from my lawyer, I will contact her on Monday
If all goes well settle lar... if not Tuesday I'll have to go to TNB to make
an official complaint with their customer engineer or someone lar

Apart from that... work is like shit
Got pissed off by an agent of mine
Told him to use a tool that was supplied but was given this,
"You go listen all my calls, if can use, I give you 100 bucks on the spot!"
Mah chao hai... I got pissed off and kicked the rubbish bin, it was LOUD haha...
Well that guy can kiss his any increment or promotion sayonara!
I'm gonna submit his doings to the senior manager :)
U might ask why in the first place I go ask that guy, its becoz that senior
manager is pushing everyone to use it
And this agents name was highlighted... for his good I go ask him
and all I got is his attitude and what the cantonese say "one face fart"
or yat min pei :P

What the fuck is wrong with my life?
My left eye keeps jumping, BAD LUCK they say.
Memang pun bad luck...
Sigh... life sucks at this point so I'm gonna go out and have fun
Tonite booooooozinnnnnnnn all nite long~
Hope I get drunk!

Ended up goin to Swing Cafe at Bandar Perda with Neebs and DC
Reached there 10 plus juz over happy hour and for a bucks of Carlsberg RM61
Compared to happy hour RM39.90 heck wasted a extra 20 bucks
Next week gonna go at 9.30pm and order 4 bucket at 1 go
Bet you guys wouldnt be sayin this now, "Alvino sipeh cheapskate"
So 1 bucket tak cukup the 3 of us lar of coz espcially with DC
having such a big CC :P
Felt real hungry after boozing went MCKT
Met up with Chuen Khim and wife, had a nice chat and found out
more stories about a fren who has changed so much that I myself cant believe it
We were quite close in college but now he's changed so much... I'll talk bout it
next time...
It was a fun nite (any nite with booze is fun) thanks guys!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Chao Cheebai TNB!

Those Tenaga Nasional Bastards are goin to sue me for something I didnt do!
Mah chao hai ah!

I didnt get my last months bill and being a good citizen I called to enquire
about it.
I was then told that my metre was tampered with and they have photos as prove.
They said I moved in at June and they disovered that the metre was tampered with
after June hence I will be one getting sued not the previous owner.
HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT?!?!?! Use ur brains lar...
If I tampered with the freakin metre would I call to ask why my bill didnt come?
And they are giving me 14 days to settle the bill of RM800 or else they are
goin to cut my electricity.
The malay puan I spoke to even had the guts to say "RM800 only what... its not alot"
If its not alot then dun freakin charge me for it lar chao cibai
Kiang kan lar TNB...

Fark the previous owner as well... at least let me know you freakin did somethin
to the metre lar... I could have rectified it... cipom eh

Now I am getting sued and RM800 poorer! There goes my savings AGAIN...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Every Satoorday Night

Every Satoorday nite has been a "guys nite outing"
This has been going on for quite some time now...
I wonder how long is it going to last?
Coz got 1 guy cannot drink beer or any alcoholic beverage
I'll talk about that in another post coz its totally hillarious

OK... now for the past 1 year we have supper every Friday nite
1st Malay Char Koay Teow
2nd Chinese Char Koay Teow
3rd Samudra Nasi Kandar
Those are the only 3 places we have been to every Satoorday nite for the past
1 year(at least)... how boring is that?

Thats why lar my cholesterol level so freakin high!

Anything else we can do on Satoorday nites beside supper?
Clubbing tak boleh... mentioned above 1 guy cannot take alcohol unless eat bread first :)

Life is boring... I wanna be a DVD seller to make life more meaningful

Friday, September 01, 2006

The War of the "3"

Life sucks man... when you have "war" in the office
Imagine this... its like this in the real world
The whole world is quite peaceful with some little protest, strikes rite?
Then there's Iraq, Iran and Israel who are always at war.

The same freakin situation is happening in my office! How wonderful!
Its like we're all living in the same freakin world... why cant you all make peace?
Make peace! Make love and peace :X

3 "countries" living next to each other... why cannot be nicer to each other?
Why isnt there teamwork? Why? Why? WHY???
I have been asking that question for weeks now and I can think of 1000 and 1 reasons.
Still I dont feel like I can fix the freakin issue.
This 3 "countries" have around a total of 48 citizens.
These 3 countries are at WAR
They point fingers at each other...
They blame each other...
Nobody wants to be the bad guy...
They dont freakin care what happens as long as they get $$$
but little do they know... its like US is coming and goin to take control and
kill all of em...

NO MORE 3 countries... 48 citizens all DIE!

In other words, semua kena tapao balik India!
Nobody has job nobody gets paid... all farked up!
Why cant they see that coming I wonder? Armageddon.

Can I make a difference??? Can I change them??? Can I make things right???

I doubt it but there's a little hope in the team...
I see people with wonderful skills and great potential but not putting it to good use
I will try my best... that is my pledge... if I cant do it...
I will resign and fark everyone up before I leave :)

I think what I have written above is very confusing... sorry lar if catch no ball
See me personally if you want to know... but beer or coffee is on YOU! Hehe...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Its My Way or The Highway

"Its My Way or The Highway"
Imagine one day at work your screwed up office...
Your propose that YOU can do a particular tasks which you know and everyone knows
cannot be done...
And when you reject or at least try to defend your arse you get this...
Its my way or the highway buddy :P

What would you do? What would you say? How would you react?

Well... in my case... its not only me but a few colleagues as well.
We didnt exactly get the my way or the highway but it was this,
"This is not an OPTION, it is a DIRECTION!".
We had to obey like slaves we are and do what we were told to do :(

It just makes you say "hamik lanciao? mah cheebyee eh!", doesnt it?
Ah... what to do... life is like this... so think on the bright side
At least the boss is not sending you to Africa :)

The Life of a Slave... lookin for a highway (if anyone knows a highway,
please point me to it)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Amazing Race

As mentioned in the title... amazing race... yes...
We had a company event for our services department last Saturday.
Its similar to the Amazing Race you see on TV except the prize is RM 0.00 :)
Nope... didnt left out any other numbers its ZERO and only ZEROS.
Well... the first team did get a trophy, so did the second and the third.
Heh... so... well... its bout the monay, its bout team building.
We had 9 staff teams and 1 management team.
It was sure fun to see everyone getting together and getting to know each other.
Especially the South Asia team and the Australlian team. We dont get to talk
or even see each other at working hours so it was a time to mingle.
For the singles it was time to mengurat :P
And for the not so singles... it was juz to have some fun.

I would say the planning and effort from the organising team was perfecto!
It was great... the puzzles and clues were terrific EXCEPT for the execution!
Rules were not communicated properly causing much confusion amongst teams.
The above reason caused my team to come in I think 6th or 7th spot :P
Its not our fault =X its them!

Well I think I am getting lousier each time at this blogging thing.
Should I stop? How do I put a freakin poll so my 2-3 readers can vote :P

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Crepe Cottage

Crepe Cottage... thats where we had our little celebration dinner
Its juz alone the nice nice sipeh crowded Gurney Drive...
Specialties of the shop are Pan cakes and Ice Cream ^_^

We reached the place around 8pm but some only got their food on the table
at 11pm... yeah... WTF? haha...
Its because the whole shop only 1 aunty cooking...
And that aunty cook 1 order 1 at a time... thats why so freakin slow

Pic above L to R: Sharon Stone, Vince L, Dominique, Mel Mel, Vince G

the Little Penguin wine - Shiraz - bought from Denise

Cabernet Sauvignon bought from Denise Wine as well - very sweet

Almost the whole group L to R: Richie Lim, Ram Ram, Wee Wee, and HL

This is one innocent photo of Dinash not drinking wine but look below his hand...
cup of wine... somemore setengah habis dah =P

The food there was good but we had to wait so freakin long to eat it!
Hence why no photos coz we makan =D
Bill was RM200 which is not bad lar for so many people...

Very sleepy now... dunno what to write...
Bai bai...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Updates updates

World cup is over...
Work is giving me alot of pressure...
My dad is sick...
Alot goin on in my life currently, thats why I haven't been able to blog
Ok lets go through this one at a time

World cup 2006
It was great! Viva Italia =D
Got some extra cash from it ;) if ya know what I mean
And I got myself a Soni Elikson W810i handphone... courtesy of WC2006 :D~
(now how to take a photo of my phone, using my phone???)

Work...work... WORK!
As mention in the prev post I have taken on a new role at work
2 days on the job I was "thrown" into another team with a totally different role!
As they always say... our company is a very fast paced company, changes happen juz like that
So what do I, a technical person, have to do? Besides being a technical support guy for
the level 1 agents, now I have to take on the role of a team leader as well.
What do I have to do? Chase people to answer calls faster, shorter talk times, faster
resolutions, no snaking :P I think u get the idea if you're workin in a call center.
Its not really that bad but... its all too sudden... so abit hard for me to digest actually
Lets hope things get better and I go back to my old role :) or worst come to worst
I stick to the same role :)

About my dad, his heart got blocked 60% + diabetes (high sugar level) + high blood pressure...
So... he had to go for an operation to get the blockage resolved...
Its called balloon, why they named it that in the first place?
Now let me explain, what happens is they have to find the main veins that pump to ur heart.
From there they put in a stem slowly, from ur leg up till inside ur heart... scary but
thank God everythin went ok... my dad is now at home resting

There's alot of small things that has happened but dont think I can update anyore till later
See ya take care

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jail Sentence Ends Tomorrow 30th June 2006

Ahhh~~~ I smell the sweet sweet smell of freedom already!
After being in prison for 2 years 2 months and 22 days at last it all comes to an end.
I think you dont know what I'm talking about... its my job
I'm free from taking all those crappy calls I get everyday, finally my new role will commence
on Monday. Everything seems very good for me this year and I hope it continues.

Come Monday, new role, new team, new tasks BUT I am starting to get worried bout this.
I'm worried that I might not be able to cope or handle the new tasks very well.
I'm also worried that the guys in the new team might not be able to accept me and
might not respect for the role that I am about to take because most of them are seniors
as well and most of them applied for the post as well.

Very worried. Lets juz hope that I can get along with them and we can all work as a team.

Anyways main purpose for this blog is... KEEBS, WHERE IS MY TAMBUN DINNER???

Please pray for me that I will be able to get along with my new team and cope with
my new job! ^_^

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Today I was at a hotel in Penang doing a walk in interview for my company.
Was with there with the HR people and of coz my colleagues.

I was only there half day but it was fun. Free lunch sux!
The buffet dinner and lunch looks the same... disappointing!

Anyways interviewing people is really fun...
You get to ask anythin you want and they have to answer.
The funniest thing that happened was this...
At the end of this guys interview, we gave him a chance to ask us back anything
he wanted... like a chance for him to know the job and all that.
Guess what he said to me?

I have nothing to ask but I want to say, your hair is very nice and I like it alot.

My goodness? Was he trying to mengampu or is he hitting on me? BBM detected :P
Boy that really freaked me out... well anyways I let him pass to the final interview
So next time if got interview again... polish my shoe kau kau I let you pass~~~

Monday, June 12, 2006

Wifi In Ma Crib

Yo peepz :P
Sounds so not me, hehe.
Well, I'll juz stick to "Greetings keebs and Lingz" coz you 2 are
the only people reading and posting comments in my blog!
Heck... how to get more people to read what I crap here?
Even though its only to vent some anger here sometimes but if nobody
is reading it... I dont feel it happening :P

Ops... side track di, back to the topic "Wifi In Ma Crib".
I've got wireless~~ woohooo~
Bought a
Linksys WRT54G for RM225 from Bukit Jambul.
Its great! It looks wonderful with its blue and black casing.
And at the front there's a very cool CISCO emblem that lights up!
How cool can that be :D Maybe not for tech lovers... but its cool for me.
Installation was a breeze, took me left than 5 minutes to connect the

cables and click Next multiple times and also not forgettin to
setup WPA2 to secure me network.

*WPA2 - Wi-Fi Protected Access™

See the amber light on the most left? thats the CISCO emblem :D

Now you guys must be thinkin "Alvin is so freakin rich and has no
where to spend his freakin money! Instead of treating me to
eat mamak he spends it on a wi-fi router."
Wrong! I got the router becoz I didnt want to cable my whole

freakin with network cables when I have plaster ceiling.
So sensibly getting the wi-fi router solved all my worries.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Broken Tail

Here's how it looks like. I know its not serious but still its my car's first accident.

Also the other day on my way back I saw something very ridiculous.
It gave me good laugh and kept me awake getting home from work.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Forced to blog - Peer pressure

I am blogging now becoz I am forced to by a fren... again...
Well I havent been updating becoz I'm really busy this week and last week.
I juz got home from work, working 7am to 6pm and today mcb some huan nah
bang my car and my tail light is gone. And he's paying me 100 bucks for it.

Demn life is stressful so this blog is gonna be short.

1. Thursday and Friday was at Perlis for a frenz wedding. Its so nice to see him and his wife getting married coz they've been together since form 3 thats like 10 years now.
A relationship that can last so long as a bf & gf is amazing to me. My relationships never
go more than 2 years mark. Sorry no photos to post for the wedding but here are some
photos of the homestay motel my fren rented for us.

2. Next day my fren took us to Gua Kelam. Its a mining tunnel since 1850! Its 370 metres
long cave road. At the end its like going in to another world, imagine Jurassic park, sort of lar.
Its quite an experience for someone who has never been into any caves :P Oh yeah he also
took us for some Perlis famous "tua pow" - big pau? Yeah rite next time he comes to
Penang he's gonna eat Penang famous roti bangali.

3. I felt bored with life seing my fren getting married. I wanted something new as well!
No I did not get any new gf I juz dyed me hair. Consists of 3 colors. Brown, copper & gold.
Only for RM120. Done at AVER @ Krystal Point II. I feel its abit too bright for me but ok lar...
Here's how I looks likes nows. If too tukau please inform me.

This is what the dude use to er... mud my hair...

4. 666 - The Number of the Beast is really EVIL. Went to watch The Omen on 6th June as well.
I hated kids before this but after watching The Omen, dem, I hate kids EVEN MORE.
I dont wanna have kids because when I was small I was evil, so I guess my kid will be the same.
Anyways 666 is bad, next day met with an accident on my way to work.
Nothing serious but my tail light is broken now. Original cost around RM130 plus minus.
Other than that everything is great in my life! I juz have a streak of bad luck.
3 colleagues did not come to work today.
5 people to take 250 calls. Wonderful.
I love my job!

Friday, May 26, 2006

There's always a first time... even when you dont know how

Yesterday marks the first day I've ever changed car tyres =)
It also marked the first day I got sick in my new home.

I was sick for goodness sake but still what to do... a hero has got to do what he has to
My gf's tyre was punctured... how could I not help?
She's pretty lucky, no i dont mean coz she has I know there are alot more nicer guys than me,
but lucky in a sense that I was sick on that day and I did not go to work...

So she called, "Dear, my tyre punctured, can you help?"
Me, "ME? Right person or not? Me techie no mechanicie!"
Well fine... as her man I walked out... first thing I thought of was to get the jack.
Opened up the back, found the jack but heck its stuck! How do you freakin remove it?
After trying to figure it out for a FEW minutes then I knew... its a freakin jack!
You have got to undo it as in make it go down first... damn how stupid can I be!
Well that was the only hard part... removed it... jacked up the car and changed tyres.
After I finished my gf said something very remarkable... "Dear, you're not going to change
the rims ah?". Me, "???", stares at her... haha...

Well thats the end of my story... oh ya... I was sick coz I got flu and I have a lil hole
in my throat :) Needs 2 weeks to recover :)
I talk too much at work... gotta find a work that requires silence from me.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Haven't got time to blog recently...
Busy with the house yes...
Hmm... so FAR I've only got 1 gift...
Where have all my frens gone to? Hmm I wonder :P
1st Place goes to my godmom, khai mui and ah thong they gave me an electric thermo pot
2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place... guys please... help me fill up all these blanks?

Anyways been very tired lately
Worked from 6am to 5pm for 2 weeks... boy is it tiring
Come back home bathe go out for dinner come back sleep
Thats all I do now... dont even get a chance to play games or download stuff
Boring life...

SO... please make my life more interesting and send me ur money or gifts ASAP.
Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Ah... at last I have moved in to my home
Home Sweet Home! That sounds nice... maybe I'll get a rug saying that? (volunteer buy for me)
Nothing much in the house yet but bought some furniture already though.
Dining table, TV shelf, bed with matress and sofa. Yes Jeebs "L" shape juz like Keebs!
And L is not for Loser is for for for... er... Ho "L"iao... yeah thats what L is for =D

Wanted to post some pictures but too tired... been working 6am-3pm this whole week
and every single day I rush home to settle this settle that...
Electrical problem, plumbing problem, lawyer problem, move stuff from rented room, etc...
Next week somemore have to work 6am-5pm -.-"
Still have lots more stuff to do... change TNB, PBA and Indah Water to my name somemore
Go cancel my very stupid TMnut and Streamyx line (hoooray!!!")
Long Live PenangFON!

Well enuff for now... have to bathe and rush to watch Da Vinci Code...
End of story I'm tired but I'm happy with what I have and every single second of my life
I thank God for it.

Will upload pics later...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Place to call HOME

Today marks another milestone in my life.
I now have a place to call my home apart from the home (my parents home)
that I have been living in for the past 25 years.
Well today is a very memorable day for me.
Long long ago when I was like 16 or 17 I think, my mom remembers this as well!,
I asked my mom "mama mama, when did you bought our house?".
She replied "28 years old lor, why?" then I said, "I'm gonna beat ya! I'm gonna get one at 25!".
Hah! And now I've done it... and my mom suprisingly remembers I said that to her...
Pretty bad for me huh?
But buying this is not something I force to happen it juz happens to be a coincidence
that I find a house and buy it at age 25... I dont even remember it till my mom mentioned it.
Hahaha... pretty cool coincidence eh?
Ok now the real deal...
Frenz and family who are reading this, as you know poor me is still very young and boh lui $$$
Please prepare a sum of money not less than RM300 for house warming party.
If you think that you will avoid coming to my house for the party and givin me the money,
think twice... most of you... I KNOW YOU CAR PLATE NUMBER AND I HAVE 20 CENTS!

Thank you for reading this and I will allow 30 days for you to save the money.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Oi, Updating my blog, alvinthegreat

First of all I have nothing to blog about but becoz of my frenz comment
"Oi update your blog lah alvinthegreat" so I will FORCE myself to blog this entry.

This photo was taken about 2 months ago when I was on my way back to BM.
Its actually before Bandar Perda (from Bukit Tengah roundabout), juz a lil
bit after the Mobil petrol station.
Words are useless... hah saying that now I think I got something extra to say...
there's 1 new hire in my team and I'm in charge of coachin her...
whatever I say she will say "sure ah?", "correct or not?", etc.
Rimpeh sipeh tulan her... I tell transfer number XXXX she say, no lar this one meh, not this lar...
PKM CCB TNS... I got agitated and said... "u the senior or me? u teach me or i teach u?"
She only said ... "no la no la..."
Then we were suppose to have a team meeting at 3pm but... usually we have to find room
and wait for L2 or Team Lead to tell us to go only we go... but she early early
aux for meeting liao... sipeh TL again... haiya...
I hope she doesnt read this but if she does... then I hope she knows my meaning...
in a team we have got to have teamwork... if she wants to avoid all the work and calls then
she might probably be in the wrong field already!

Cukup on this let me juz post the picture of what I took...

Notice the word. "BURGER CONER"

Burger in cones! Hahaha~
Who wants one? Keebs if you are reading this... I know U want one... U ghey boi!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Warung Mak Su - Kuala Juru

This is one of my favourite food places in Bukit Mertajam.
The name of the place is Warung Mak Su, which is located at deep inside Kuala Juru.
I'd draw map to show you all but I'm too lazy at the moment.
Why? Tiring day at work mate, a colleague fell sick and the calls were like Niagara Falls!
As in pouring in non-stop.

Back to FOOD, this stall serves, hmm...

  • Mee or Nasi Ketam (Crab)
  • Mee or Nasi Udang (Prawns)
  • Ikan Panggang (BBQ Fish?)
  • Sotong Goreng Tepung (Deep fried squids)
  • And many more but those are my favs

Yum yum thinking of it makes me feel hungry.
Price wise its not expensive. A plate of nasi goreng ketam is only around RM7 and you
get 2 crabs =D~~

Here are some photos to make you drooooooool! Nyahaha~

Friday, May 05, 2006

Neebs Punya Shades

It was a Malaysian Public Holiday for Malaysia on 1st May but not for Austrlia.
So if I had went to work I would have earned some nice OT for myself but I decided to
sacrifice the damn money for once just to have some fun and spend sometime with my
good buddies from since secondary school. And I'm glad I did.
I really enjoyed going to the movie and having dinner with them.
It was great...
Anyways as shown in the above title, Neebs Punya Shades, as we were on our way
to Gurney Plaza and in Neebs car of coz, I saw it... his shades! I was like "wow!", in awe.
Those pair of shades are sooooo retro :P Like 80's man...
So I decided to put em on and took a few snaps.
Let me know how it looks compared to the one I have.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Flower Founded in Cameron

As you all know I juz got back from Cameron.
The shocking news was that they found a new species of flowers.
They said it was a breed of flowers and angry humans.
Can you believe this? Maybe this should be in the Ripleys Archive.

They sure look like very "impatiens" flowers to me =)
Ha ha ha... ok its a sick joke... I have nothing better to do!
I came home around 3pm and I was suppose to go swimming at 6pm
but I fell asleep from 4pm to 8pm... now thats NBTD to me.