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Friday, May 30, 2008

New Journey @ Quantum

I've already started my new journey at Quantum since 27th May.
Frankly speaking the environment there is much more relaxed compared to AO. And even much much much more compared to Dell.
I've spent the past few days sitting at my place going through online e-Learning sites to read up on the technical specifications of the product.
Been reading up on a few models of small tape libraries. It is quite an interesting topic as I have always wanted to learn more than just desktops and laptops. And my chance is finally here. Although its not like my friends in the Dell Enterprise where they learn everything from servers to switches to tape libraries to SAN, I am actually quite happy to be able to learn about tape libraries. I am very thankful to one and only God Almighty.
I also had the chance to tear down the robotic hand and some other parts. Quite fun :) I think I might have had an orgasm when I did it. Sounds a bit childish eh? That's why boys are so proud of their gadgets.
Well next week will be where the real hands on/classroom training starts so it should be fun. I'll update more next week.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Another farewell

As of 21st May 2008, officially it was my last day at Atos Origin.

The guys gave me a great farewell. Lunch, dinners, and still 1 party to come.
These bunch of people are very nice, warm and pleasant. I'll never forget them not because of the company but because of each individual there. All of the people there will always be a part of my life in KL. For one and only reason, next time clubbing got kaki haha :) Just joking.

Leaving a company for one more time it feels a bit mundane now. This is my 3rd time changing companies. However this time I feel more pressure compared to when I had to leave Dell. When I left Dell I knew my team was in good hands. There would be good team leaders to take care of them. This time around I am quite worried. There is 2 new team leaders that are going to take over my 2 teams. 1 has gone for a long break and I had to leave even before he came back. The other seems to be quite disorganized and is too eager to make things change. Sometimes I think he's using the wrong way. Too eager to show off what he can do. Well I guess that is some how some people work. Nevertheless I surely hope everything goes well for this 2 new team leaders and most importantly each and every member of my team gets to learn, develop and grow.

Sayonar Atos Origin!

Monday, May 19, 2008

100th Post on Alvino's Space

Wow I just realised when I signed in to my blog today.
The previous posting was the 100th post of my blog.
Certainly interesting, never knew I've created so many posts! Haha...
Nothing to shout about but its something to remember I guess.
Moreover I am sitting in the office with nothing to do.
I have today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow left, then I'm outta here :)
I sure hope everything will work out fine, actually no, I hope everything will be even better with me gone. I hope the 2 new team leaders replacing me will be able to concentrate more on the team members and improve the current processes and procedures.

Well... what else can I write? Any suggestions? Pretty bored at work and don't really have any inspiration on what to write.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

3 more days only to go

Wow... time really flies!
It just feels like I came down to KL yesterday but its already 8 months and I've already reached the end of my notice period for resignation.
Well I guess I'll just continue to count the days :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

9 days left...

Yes yes I am counting the days!
For the benefit of those that don't know, I resigned from my company and am currently serving my notice period.
My last day of work will be 21st May after offset of my leaves (originally 30th May).
I am happy but also sad, happy cause I don't have to handle 4 accounts any more and don't have to manage people as well. Sad cause I am really going to miss my friends there which is a real pity. They are the first bunch of friends I've made in KL and they are really great buddies.
Anyway I think these past few months working in AO has been quite fun and rewarding. From someone whose from a call centre to a service desk environment I've learnt a lot. Not to mention about ITIL framework and what's incident, changes, query and problem. I definitely got a lot of help from my team especially Vicky who helped me a lot when I took on my first account Premier Foods. He was very patient with me and helping me with whatever I didn't know. Then I had a bunch of very good agents Ivan, Andrew, Zieg, Vick , Adly and also not forgetting Ram. Thanks to them PF was the performing team in AO.
From 1 account to 3 accounts to 4 accounts. From PF to PF + Ceridian + Brakes to PF + Ceridian + Brakes + Park Cakes. What a "reward" & "honour" my company has given me. Like the say the best way to learn is the hard way. However thanks for a lot of people it was not that much of a hard way. Very special thanks to Veke and the rest of the guys - Paul, Viji, Zack, KL, Izza, Balan, Vickhram, Devan and Gopi.
All of this people have made my time in AO a very very enjoyable and rewarding stay.
Thaks guys! Senji lar :)