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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Telco Wars

This is starting to become a nuisance... but I love it :)
Or else we consumers wont get cheaper rates and better service...

Have a look at these 2 videos, you'll know what I mean.
I hope you enjoy the vid :P

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Am I a teacher or a manager in a MNC?

Today I feel like I was a teacher in secondary.
Where you have kids ponteng school and classes and all that.
Then you have to call their parents to iron things out.
Damn I don't like it but this incident made my day :)

I have chinese guy reporting to me recently.
He's actually from the same college as me, actually same year as well.
When he came for the interview he was surprised that he was being interviewed by me. Eventually I hired him as I thought that he would be okay the interview went fine and all that.
Little did I know I was gonna get the ride of my life as manager.
He started work soon after all the training we put him through.
He had a lot of problems following instructions and he had communication issues as well as some attitude issues.
One of those guys that always have to leave early, always a NO man, never YES.
So being his manager of coz I have to lecture him and all that but I also tried subtle ways, as a friend, telling him about his problems and how to improve it.
Guess what happened next? He went missing on me.

He was on medical leave on Friday, the following Monday and Tuesday.
On Wednesday he took emergency leave, then on Thursday he went on medical again. This actually got me very pissed off. Being a friend and manager and the person who hired him, he just made me feel like I was an arse for hiring him.
So I decided to call him but he wouldn't answer my calls for 2 days I tried.
I then had no choice but to call his house which his mom answered.
Told the mom that I was worried about his well being since I have been trying to contact him for a few days now. His mom was, of coz, shocked that his son hasn't been to work for so long. Then the mom called the dad and the dad called me. Now here's the funny part.

The dad was so worried about the son and all that. Saying that probably it must have been some bad influence that has made his son acted this way. His son if a perfectly good boy never ponteng kerja one. He asked me to forgive his son lar... take care of his son lar... teach him and help him grow...
Fu yoh... suddenly feel like a teacher :(
Then the funniest part the dad said this, "I'm gonna punish this boy! Tomorrow onwards he wont get to drive the car anymore! I'm gonna fetch him to work every single day!"
A full grown man getting his car taken away by his dad?!?!
How pathetic can this guy be.... hahahahahaha
Funniest story by far I've got being a manager...
Being a manager is so fun :) I love my job... NOT!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Freakin Flu

Caught a pretty bad flu yesterday.
I actually went to work first around 6am then left work at 10am to see the doctor.
It was pretty okay at first flu, sore throat and a bit of cough.
Took the medicine and went to bed straight away.
That was around 11am I remember.
Then at 2.30pm I woke up feeling very very dizzy and a very bad headache.
Was feeling very cold too, I knew I got the fever already.
Took a panadol and tried to sleep some more but ended up vomiting.
Then slept till 6pm. A lot of people tried to call me because there was a dinner last night.
Sorry guys I couldn't answer the phone, I was pretty knocked up.
8pm the condition got worst!!!
Went to see the doctor again, different one this time - this doctor damn kap siao
Took his medicine and went to bed till 11pm, feeling a bit better after that
My gf bought some porridge for me to eat. She was there to put up with all my crap :P
Went to bed till 4am woke up and took some more medicine.
And now its 8.30am, slight headache and still having running nose.
But it is much better than yesterday.
This is the worst flu I ever caught by far.
Some more thought it was bird flu -_-"

Monday, June 04, 2007

Job Security

Job security is something I think people rarely have...
You could be a CEO for a MNC and you could still lose your job in a minute.
You can be a rubbish collector and still lose your job in a minute.
Who can have job security then? I don't know myself but thats not the point
of this entry... this entry is to express my sadness towards job security.
Seriously... nobody can have job security as long as you're working for someone.
Even if you have your own business, you can go bankrupt!
Nothing is for sure in this world... the world is round

Well... my company recently announced that they are going to cut down 10%
of their total workforce all around the world. That approximately 8800 permanent
employees and 5300 contract workers.
How wonderful is that? You can imagine me standing up pointing fingers and
shouting, "mah c!b@!!!! h@m!k l@nc!@0!!!".
Well this is the cold hard truth in the business world...
Hmm... what can I do if I get retrenched?
Probably I'll get like 5 months pay for 3 years service there.
Thats not alot... cant even pay my cars full loan amount for that...
by the way I only own a Kancil.
So what the fark am I going to do?
Maybe its the right time for me buy a one way ticket to Australia and see
if I can manage to start a life there? Or maybe New Zealand? Or even
go over to the States to visit my cousin which I haven't met since form 3.
Well I'm opened for suggestions...
Sincerely Lost

*btw I'm not joking - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18968966/ - Read it urself

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bandwidth Test Rip Off

Was browsing the forums when I saw something quite interesting... bandwidth test
The guy was using streamyx and he manage to get a download of 2M and upload of 1M which was cool! I thought I should try it too...
Look what I ended up with :P

That means I have a download of 34M and upload of 31M!
which is totally not true... I later found out that the speed test
server was sponsored by my ISP :( Fark!

Try it yourself... www.speedtest.net