Juz a normal guy in this whacky world... Striving to have a "normal" if there is one in this world...

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 ending...

Reflecting back on 2008, I guess in 1 hand I feel I did not achieve much yet on another hand I feel I've achieved quite a lot. Very contradicting but I don't know how else to explain my feelings now.

2008 passed like a bullet train for me. I did not even realize it was already going to end till today.
I changed jobs and got a new one. I lost someone special but found my everything in this someone new. We're going to start a new chapter in our lives next year. Yesterday we also made a very big decision that would bind us and bring us closer to each other. My family was always part of everything I did this year and I really appreciate them and thank them.

To summarize I think there's a few achievements that I made this year.
Getting a job that is really what I wanted - getting to do hands on technical stuff on enterprise products and learning more.
Finally found the one that I could spend the rest of my life with.
Proposing to that person (referred to only as NgP on my blog =P).
Buying a house together with that person.
Getting closer to my family and knowing how much they care for me.
Knowing God is always part of my life no matter what happens, He will not abandon me.

For 2009, I just hope I can maintain this job although with the economic crisis happening all over the world. Secondly I would want to learn more stuff on backup and storage, hopefully next year I'll be able to move on to disk backup technologies after learning everything on tape backup.
Thirdly would be to settle down hopefully =)

Thank you all for being part of my life... I wish everyone a better health, wealth and happiness in 2009. Happy New Year 2009!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

100th Day - Baek Il in Korean

I saw 100 stars last night,
Shining in the sky.
I wondered as I watched them,
How did they get so high?

Twinkle bright, twinkle long
Like lao por's good night kisses
They stayed with me the whole night through
As I made 100 wishes.

However 100 wishes was not enough,
because with you around me I won't stop counting.
1000 I want, 10,000 I want & and more I want,
Forever the number will increase even after our wedding.

You are my one and only,
You are my sun, my moon and my stars!
I promise I will take care of you
and most of all your heart will never have scars!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Many stories I've heard from people with more relationship experiences about this.
I never believed them cause I always had the confidence that I'd be able to overcome such issues. Moreover parents these days are more open and understanding of the needs of the younger generation.

Well, I was proven wrong, very wrong, when my GF got dragged to dinner by her sis to lecture her about how she's not thinking straight and how I'm not close with the family.
I was actually quite shocked because every event they had, I attended. I really did compared to my previous relationships, I could not care less. I think that I have a right to choose whether I should join such activities or not. If everyone wants to celebrate New Year does not mean I have to! I can freaking celebrate Deepavali if I wanted to. My GF's family coming from KL I'd expected less "kolot" thinking. How wrong was I. Everything had to be done formally. I was expected to seat at their house for them to get to know me. I am fine with that but they never extended any invitation for me to go their house. It has always been me going there without any invitation. I am the type that feels like I'm invading someones privacy if I go someones house. Even if I'm sitting there doing nothing, I'll just be like a pair of CCTV camera (OCTV - Open Circuit in this case) standing 168cm tall looking at them. Sigh... why do I have to face al this problem when I've found the perfect one for me. WHY~!?~!?~!?~!?

Monday, October 06, 2008

27th Year on Earth

My 27th Year on Earth has been great and things got better this year =)
I had someone very special to celebrate my birthday with me and I could not ask for more.
Its not going to be a long post its just a special thank you to Celine Ng Pey Zhi for the wonderful birthday trip back to Penang which both of us ended up sick.
Thank you to all the friends who called, who SMS-ed and left me messages on facebook, msn and friendster!
Thanks guys!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ending the long wait

Its been a few months now since I've last been back to my hometown, Penang.
Me and my GF we're all very excited to go back but of cause for her its the FOOD =P
I can't wait to savor all the food in Penang too but most importantly its HOME.
My family and friends that I haven't see for sometime now.
I would never want to lose contact with any of my friends if possible.
I would not say I have a lot of friends but I would say I have a fair amount of good friends.

So here's the plan:

1st October
5pm - Finish work, head straight to Klang
6pm - Hopefully earlier than that, fetch Celine and start our journey back to the land of FOOD!
10pm - Reach BM and balik rumah first. Put our stuff rest for awhile and head over to have some char koay teow for supper.

2nd October
9am - Breakfast with Kev and Ah Qi, go eat hokkien mee
10am - Visit Khai Ma to chit chat and intro Celine to them
11.30am - Buy tau sar pneah and other stuff to bring back to KL
12pm - Lunch at Tho Yuen - Hong Toh mee and chicken =D~~ yummie!!!
2pm - Jalan-jalan at Queens Bay Mall, shopping
4pm - Headover to Penang Road for some chendol
4.30pm - Headover to Mount Erskine for mee goreng, popiah, ais kacang and etc.
5.30pm - Batu Ferringhi for an evening stroll and watch the sunset if we can :)
6.30pm - Walk around the night market... buy some "cheap but legal" DVD's
8.00pm - Have dinner at Gurney hawker center
9.00pm - Walk walk to digest the food at Gurney Plaza
10.00pm - Take ferry ride back to BM
11.0pm - Support again - either chinese or malay char koay teow depending on we have on the first day

3rd October
Still undecided... will plan on 2nd October I guess... Hehe...

Can't wait to go back Penang... the music "Balik Kampung... Oo Oo Balik Kampung" keeps playing in my head... can't get it out of my head man =)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What happens when there's not enough people to work in the office?

What happens when there's not enough people at work or in the office to share the workload?
When I was in Dell as a 1st level tech support I'd pick up the slack left off by my colleagues. I could take up to 70 calls a day working 12 hours a day. Luckily my boss appreciated my "sacrifices" at that time and I was dearly rewarded. Just so yo know my colleagues only took 25 calls a day and I did double almost triple =P
Things got easier when I was a team leader. Well sort of anyway. Why? Coz I did not have to share my work with anyone nor did anyone shared their work with me. All I needed to do was to take care of my people, make sure they work as they are required to meet their metrics and just some paperwork or reporting. It was easy in some terms but it was very very very hard trying to understand certain people and help them harness their skills to their advantage and improve on the things they were weak on. Every single word spoken must be thought through first or else you're gonna hurt his feelings! Lets say I enjoyed it yet I hated it!
Now I'm landed in the same position again. I averaged 30-35 tickets per week compared to my colleagues who do 18 or so tickets. Again double!?!?!? Why must I always be working harder then everyone else? WHY??? Can't my boss hire more people? Can't my boss manage the other guys and get them to work better? I always asked this question when I interviewed people, "If your colleague is not performing, how would you as a colleague, help your friend perform better?". Now I'm asking myself this, "How can I help the WHOLE TEAM, perform better?", so that I don't freaking do so much work and burn myself out eventually. Hmm... any ideas guys?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversary

Wow... today marks exactly ONE year for me in Kuala Lumpur.
I have always been a skeptic of coming to KL for work is better and all that.
Even when I had holiday trips to KL, I'd feel sick because of the fast paced life and the amount of people I see going around. Thus I'd say it took a lot for me to decide to change my life and came down to KL a year ago. I have no regrets coming to KL. Everything has turned out just fine because God has a plan for me, always.
In this period of 1 year a lot has happened. Coming to KL, changing jobs twice, losing my girlfriend but found a wife =). All this in a year!!! This is so not me. I'm not someone who likes changes. I'm always prone to stay in my comfort zone. Always wanting to stay at home and not going anywhere. Sometimes I think I'm quite an antisocial but lets leave that for another post.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy One Month Anniversary

In my previous post I mentioned about the relation of time and knowing someone.
Its been a month since I've been going steady with this special someone. This special person even before I met her I've already felt like I've known her, just by seeing her photo that is and this was only around 2 months or so. Soon after we were together and we were able to share our feelings and thoughts without any problems. In my past relationships I find it very hard to communicate with them. There is always a barrier that surrounds us that makes us not communicate properly. This time around everything seems to great. We share things and we understand each other when we do. Its like I know what she wants and needs and she does the same. Of course its not 100% of the time but most of the important things we have the same thoughts.
In so little time we have been able to share so much and learn from each other so much.
I really hope that things will progress smoothly, although hiccups are expected I hope its those hiccups that brings us closer together.
Happy One Month Anniversary Dear =)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Does time matters for one to know another?

I always believed time can do a lot of things.
Time can change the earth... it can shape and mould magnificent wonders of nature.
Time can also proof a lot of things... proof lies are lies or could be the truth.
Looking back at my life I've have many friends that good. I don't have any enemies, I think.
Well if you're one of the "enemy" reading my blog, I apologise if I've done anything wrong to you.
Back to my topic, I've known Neebs for 20 years now. Jeebs for maybe 17 years now. Keebs around 14 years now. My parents obviously have known me for my whole life but how well do all these people know me? Which brings me to my next question, how can someone I know for 2 months know me so well?!?! Something to ponder upon...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Busy busy busy

After my interesting weekend, things got even more interesting.
I was introduced to this girl by an old friend of mine from college.
The first I saw her was a photo, it gave me a weird feeling. A feeling which I don't think I've had in a long long time I guess. It is a feeling of closeness, of like someone that you've known for a long long time and you would feel very comfortable just looking at them.
Soon after that we started talking more and more on MSN. Then it won't on to SMS-es and phone calls. Then we went out to meet for the first time near her office in Shah Alam, at one of the McDonald's.
Well I didn't tell her this but my heart was beating pretty fast when I saw her then. Still didn't tell her till now hehe. I seldom get along with girls well not to mention talking to them. Usually around girls I don't say much unless I've known them for like ages. However I was able to strike a very lengthy conversation with her. 2 hours is a long enough talk for me :)
Soon after we went out more often and eventually... now I'm involved in another relationship again. Although the way I write this it doesn't seem much of a love story or fairy tale of some sort.
I am telling you... it is one to me. For me to fall in love so deeply in such a short period of time is just crazy yet amazing. I really think she's the ONE!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Interesting weekend

Being reduced to singularity sure does changes a persons life :)
I am now doing things I did not think I would do.
Me naturally being a very lazy person, I will usually laze around at home and do nothing but sit in front of my PC wasting my time away.
This weekend has been quite interesting.
Saturday, went to meet Poh Siang, an ex-colleague and good buddy from Dell who is now working for Intel. He was here for a week for a Cisco certification training all paid by Intel. How cool is that? I wish my company would provide that :P Went to fetch him at his hotel which is Hotel Grand Millennium at KL center which I would rarely go to unless necessary, fortunately I had my Asus P750 with GPS to guide me ;) After fetching him we headed to MidValley for lunch and just lepak before I send him to KL Sentral to take his train to KLIA. Interesting cause I would never drive all the way down to KL just to meet a friend cause I am that lazy!
Today I woke up early and drove to IOI Mall to get my car washed, polished and waxed. Cost me RM130 and a 2 hour wait! How does a single lonely man kill 2 hours all by himself??? Let me tell you how. Went to Popular, acted like I'm someone who reads a lot and flip through the books. Then went to the Asam Laksa stall for lunch. Then into the arcade center to watch people playing games. That was a quick one, then I headed over to Jusco to do some serious shopping (at least serious for me lahhh). Bought 2 pairs of socks, 3/4 cargo pants, 250 page notebook, headphones and grocery. Soon after that it was already 2.30pm :P I spent 2 and a half hours there! Damn... thats why I say singularity modez rulez baby =)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hiking at Bukit Apek aka Bukit Batu Puteh

Went hiking today with my spanking new Nike Flourish II which is now not so spanking new anymore =.="

As stated in the title it was at Cheras near Taman Cuepacs. We only manage to reach station 3 out of 8. Stations 7 & 8 are very close to each other and is the spot where there's a small waterfall. Well reason why we only reach Station 3 was because I am too farking lousy. On the way up, I was out of breath and my legs were giving up on me. Thomas even had to pass his "stick" for me to use =P

Next week I'll be going again. Today's crowd was 10 people and 1 of the girls didn't even break a sweat. So disappointed with myself. Anyway it's a good sign for me that I am really out of shape and need to exercise. Looks like jogging is not enough to keep me fit.

Kong torh mou wai - Say more no use, let you all see how farked up I looked like.

"3" symbolizing Station 3.

Another with a smile.

Look at how wet our t-shirts were. Ignore my stupid grin.

Scenery from where I sat, nothing much.

Thomas posing with his "stick".

View of the trees from the bottom. Very relaxing.

And lastly Jocy who suprisingly coughed all the way up and still survived the hike.

Nike Flourish II

Bought a new pair of jogging shoes for me to use.
My old lousy FILA has given up on me.
Frankly speaking the quality of FILA isn't that good.
Even their t-shirt gets spoiled easily.

Anyway back to the main topic, bought this Nike Flourish II (Written on the box) but can't seem to find it on Google. So don't know I bought ori stuff or fake stuff. Got it from Al-Ikhsan. Purposely buy black/gray color so that it won't get smudges or dirty that easily.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

Hope you guys enjoy this man...
It's one of those very catchy songs that yet gives you a very relaxing feeling when listening to it =)

It made me very happy and relax after listening to it... hope it gives you the same effect ;)

Monday, June 30, 2008

Jog #2

Today, after 9 days of my first jog, did 2.78km. Damn this time was much less compared to my first attempt! What the heck man?
First attempt 4.2km!?!?!? Difference of 1.42km!!! Shit must be the boozing and smoking that's killing me!
Gotta do better than 2.78km next time!
On the brighter side, I did 10 push ups & 25 sit ups! Hooray~ :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am going to get in shape!

Lately with the problems happening to me I guess it made me realize that not everything is for one thing and one thing is not everything. Deep leh?

Anyway my company started this "Walk Around The World" program which is meant to fight heart disease. One of the major cause of death for men is heart disease in US and also Malaysia (I think). Hence the program encourages everyone to WALK MORE! They gave us this small device called Walking Advantage 340 by SPORTLINE. Its function is to solely calculate every step you take and convert it into miles. How you use it is just clip it on to your belt or trousers and that's it! So with that little thing it has encouraged me to start jogging again.

I did 2.6 miles which is around 4.2km today. I think around 1km of it is walking :P On the way back I could feel my heart pounding very hard, so hard as if someone was punching my chest or heart. I quickly slowed down and reverted to walking. Shows how bad my heart condition and my total health condition is now. Well I promise that I will exercise at least once a week from now onwards. If she doesn't give a damn about me and can go jogging with colleagues and have dinner before coming home, I guess I can do the same. Why sit at home a be a good boy friend waiting for her when she treats me like crap?

Sad ending I know... but who cares!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Advertisement: Looking for a good man/BF/Husband? Look no more! Read on!

Successful, young, & good looking male looking for life long partner.

If you have constant cravings for crab, loves strolling on nice sandy beaches, unafraid of the damage the UV will bring to your skin and falls down tiredly for a nap but wakes up just in time to have a heart-to-heart with the stars, you’re the one!

Besides going to the beach, it’s best if you like to stay home only.

Suitable contenders are advised to strongly leave their numbers or email me at alvino.ong@gmail.com for a meet & greet session. Do not miss this golden opportunity!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fragile: Handle With Care

A lot of times we see that on boxes. Shipping boxes to be exact.
The sign is to actually warn us that the things within/contained in the box is/are easily broken and needs to be handled/taken cared of in a delicate/safe manner.
However when those boxes meets up with the shipping people, they don't care. More often than not you see them throwing these boxes like nobodies business.

I don't know how I'm going to relate this but here goes. Love is also like this. You will love that person so much that you are willing to do anything for him/her. You try to handle them with care but more often than not, you think/act with your heart rather than your brain. Like the "Fragile: Handle With Care" sign. You know you'll break it if you don't do things cautiously but still because of the so called "LOVE" that is affecting you, you handle it like an angry bull chasing after someone.

A lot of times I am stuck in that situation. I can control myself well in the office and also with friends, even with my family no matter what may come. I don't go into a berserk mode and fire upon everyone. But if its "LOVE" that is involved, I always seem to lose control of everything. I've made 3 holes on my room door. Come to think of it, damn it! I'll be having to pay for that! I'll have to pay for another thing too which is much more expensive than the door. Something that I will regret for my whole life, for someone who vows to never regret in any decision I make, this might be the first time I actually regret doing something.

Friday, June 06, 2008

3 days off...

Hooray... I'll be off 3 days this week due to Agong's Birthday.
Tonite 2 jokers will taking a bus down to KL from Penang.
I'll need to fetch them from Puduraya when they get here around 12am or 1am.
Then we'll probably go for supper and head on home to sleep.
Saturday I guess they would want to go shopping somewhere.
Nite time will probably be going clubbing or maybe find a place to just drink.
Sunday is the main thing! We're going to Genting don't know how will that end up.
Hehehe the guys want to go gambling, me on the other don't gamble so don't know what I'll be doing up there...
Monday probably will send to the bus station.
Ah... relax...


Friday, May 30, 2008

New Journey @ Quantum

I've already started my new journey at Quantum since 27th May.
Frankly speaking the environment there is much more relaxed compared to AO. And even much much much more compared to Dell.
I've spent the past few days sitting at my place going through online e-Learning sites to read up on the technical specifications of the product.
Been reading up on a few models of small tape libraries. It is quite an interesting topic as I have always wanted to learn more than just desktops and laptops. And my chance is finally here. Although its not like my friends in the Dell Enterprise where they learn everything from servers to switches to tape libraries to SAN, I am actually quite happy to be able to learn about tape libraries. I am very thankful to one and only God Almighty.
I also had the chance to tear down the robotic hand and some other parts. Quite fun :) I think I might have had an orgasm when I did it. Sounds a bit childish eh? That's why boys are so proud of their gadgets.
Well next week will be where the real hands on/classroom training starts so it should be fun. I'll update more next week.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Another farewell

As of 21st May 2008, officially it was my last day at Atos Origin.

The guys gave me a great farewell. Lunch, dinners, and still 1 party to come.
These bunch of people are very nice, warm and pleasant. I'll never forget them not because of the company but because of each individual there. All of the people there will always be a part of my life in KL. For one and only reason, next time clubbing got kaki haha :) Just joking.

Leaving a company for one more time it feels a bit mundane now. This is my 3rd time changing companies. However this time I feel more pressure compared to when I had to leave Dell. When I left Dell I knew my team was in good hands. There would be good team leaders to take care of them. This time around I am quite worried. There is 2 new team leaders that are going to take over my 2 teams. 1 has gone for a long break and I had to leave even before he came back. The other seems to be quite disorganized and is too eager to make things change. Sometimes I think he's using the wrong way. Too eager to show off what he can do. Well I guess that is some how some people work. Nevertheless I surely hope everything goes well for this 2 new team leaders and most importantly each and every member of my team gets to learn, develop and grow.

Sayonar Atos Origin!

Monday, May 19, 2008

100th Post on Alvino's Space

Wow I just realised when I signed in to my blog today.
The previous posting was the 100th post of my blog.
Certainly interesting, never knew I've created so many posts! Haha...
Nothing to shout about but its something to remember I guess.
Moreover I am sitting in the office with nothing to do.
I have today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow left, then I'm outta here :)
I sure hope everything will work out fine, actually no, I hope everything will be even better with me gone. I hope the 2 new team leaders replacing me will be able to concentrate more on the team members and improve the current processes and procedures.

Well... what else can I write? Any suggestions? Pretty bored at work and don't really have any inspiration on what to write.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

3 more days only to go

Wow... time really flies!
It just feels like I came down to KL yesterday but its already 8 months and I've already reached the end of my notice period for resignation.
Well I guess I'll just continue to count the days :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

9 days left...

Yes yes I am counting the days!
For the benefit of those that don't know, I resigned from my company and am currently serving my notice period.
My last day of work will be 21st May after offset of my leaves (originally 30th May).
I am happy but also sad, happy cause I don't have to handle 4 accounts any more and don't have to manage people as well. Sad cause I am really going to miss my friends there which is a real pity. They are the first bunch of friends I've made in KL and they are really great buddies.
Anyway I think these past few months working in AO has been quite fun and rewarding. From someone whose from a call centre to a service desk environment I've learnt a lot. Not to mention about ITIL framework and what's incident, changes, query and problem. I definitely got a lot of help from my team especially Vicky who helped me a lot when I took on my first account Premier Foods. He was very patient with me and helping me with whatever I didn't know. Then I had a bunch of very good agents Ivan, Andrew, Zieg, Vick , Adly and also not forgetting Ram. Thanks to them PF was the performing team in AO.
From 1 account to 3 accounts to 4 accounts. From PF to PF + Ceridian + Brakes to PF + Ceridian + Brakes + Park Cakes. What a "reward" & "honour" my company has given me. Like the say the best way to learn is the hard way. However thanks for a lot of people it was not that much of a hard way. Very special thanks to Veke and the rest of the guys - Paul, Viji, Zack, KL, Izza, Balan, Vickhram, Devan and Gopi.
All of this people have made my time in AO a very very enjoyable and rewarding stay.
Thaks guys! Senji lar :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

29 more days to go...

It has been almost a month now since I've tendered my resignation.
As the days get closer I feel sad to leave my friends.
Although the period of time we have been together is only a short 7-8 months but some how I feel very sadden with the fact that I am leaving them.

Today a very good friend and colleague has left. Veke Mama thats what everyone calls him. Without him I think the team I managing would be up side down and I'd be managing nothing. Without him the team is incomplete. I truly respect him for all the effort and work he has done for the team especially the dedication, attitude and responsibility he has towards to the team and all his friends.

Veke if you are reading this, Brakes is incomplete without YOU!
Alvin Ong will be managing nothing without you in Brakes!
But like Harith says, "Lepak lar... cari makan..."
I wish you all the best in your new job and that we will be able to meet up still in the future!


Friday, April 18, 2008

Review: Arimino - Spice Sisters Freeze Wax

As the title says its a review about Arimino hair wax. You guys may or may not remember that I did write something about a hair product as well. It was about L'oreal Cosmic Mud.

After moving to KL I decided to find a good hair stylist to cut my hair. Reason was simply because it was hard for me to always go back to Penang at the right time to just cut my hair. So I went to this place called Infinity at Bandar Puteri Puchong. I've been there twice and both the times he did the same style but thats not the main point.
Sorry for going astray but thats what noob bloggers do :P

As mentioned Arimino Spice Sisters Freeze Wax is the topic in discussion. Name also very weird right? Who in the right mind would buy a product like this!?!?!? That's me :) It was actually introduced by the hair stylist from Infinity. Comparing this product with the L'oreal Cosmic Mud it actually like the Arimino better. Reason is very very simple, L'oreal Cosmic Mud will make my hair very oily and it is very hard for me to get rid of the oiliness. This has been my only concern using it. Arimino on the other hand does not have that effect. Even using water I can wash it off already. Moreover it has a fresh fruity smell to it. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I'd give the L'oreal Cosmic Mud a 7 and the Arimino a 9.

Well... probably this post will not interest any of you but what do I care :P It's my freaking blog.

Hehe... the above is to see if I attract more visitors by annoying people.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Humpty Dumpty Sat On The Wall

This is definitely not a fairy tale :)

Well the story I have to tell has its similarities.
Imagine this... In a company you have your different level of people.
You have the senior manager followed by the floor manager then by team leaders and then the agents. There are supporting groups like the process managers as well.
As you would have known, I have actually handed in my resignation letter. To my surprise there were not much talks about retaining me to my amazement and a lot of the guys in the company as well. Nevertheless, I wouldn't have taken the counter even if there was one.
Anyway there are 3 team leaders at the moment, 1 of them is me, which 2 have resigned and 1 is desperately looking for a job despite joining the company for only a short period. There are rumors that my boss was sighted coming out from quite a new but famous company nearby our office. On top of that, more than 75% of the agents are looking for a job.
Damn I know I am not a good story teller but it does sound like Humpty Dumpty don't you agree? And its going to have a great fall. God knows if they are able to stick "Humpty Dumpty" back again.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Not giving up without a fight!

Hi guys,

I know the previous post seems to be quiet alarming but... I was drunk so please forgive me.
I will resign from my job but I won't get myself fired from my position of BF without a fight.
Even though she doesn't care anymore I think the least I can do is just give it one more try.
After all, I've have invested so much effort, time not to mention money in this relationship. Was even planning to get married next year.
Anyway don't be worried guys. I am doing fine. If you're still worried kindly fly down to KL and buy me a drink.

I resign and also got fired!

Today March 31st 2008 is a very memorable day for me.

I shall resign not only from my job but I got fired as well.
You farkers must be scratching your heads and ass now trying to figure out what I farking said.
I am currently under the influence of alcohol so bare in mind that the word farking is meant to be nice not the real FUCKING! Hahahaha...
Today I will go to my office and resign from my position as Service Desk Team Leader with a 2 months notice.
I also just got fired from my position as BF by my GF of course with no notice at all. Although even with notice also it won't matter course it won't do any good you see.
You farkers must also now be in a state of shock and would not have expected this to farking happen to me aye?
Aye... It has happen to me again for the 3rd time!
I am farked up now... I was even planning to get married next year you see.
I've already bought an apartment in Penang despiste I'm in KL now. Since I'm in KL I was also thinking of getting another house, this time a landed property. Looks like I don't have to now, I guess I'll just get a new Honda Civic 2.0 or perhaps a Toyota Corolla Altis?
By the way guys, don't worry bout me. I am doing just fine, however it would be great if any of you would drop by KL and take me out for some drinking. I think I really need it.
I'll leave it as this for the moment. I am too drunk to explain what has happened between me & my GF.
If you're worried... buy me a drink... tequilla or a graveyard sounds good!
Peace out mutha fuckas!

Friday, March 21, 2008

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1. At what age do you wish to marry?
Hopefully next year, that is when I am 28

2. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you? Why?
I don't have much blog buddies, but from those blogs that I read..
a) TiBun - only childhood friend that blogs and also he never ceases to amaze me with his ridiculous comments and ideas :)
b) Ling - the only girl blogger friend I have, what other choice would I have :P
c) Cheeserland - coz she's one hot chiq at least I can have her then Tibun can have Ling, see, I always think of my friends! muahahaha!

3. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
Micronesia - That's a place where I can live freely and do nothing all day long

4.If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
I would wake up one day and become very rich and hire a professor to build me a machine that can make my dream never end :)

5. Do you believe you can survive without money?
Not where we live we won't... as Tibun says, unless you're stucked in an island

6. What are you afraid to lose the most?
Friends and Family - they are my only joy

7. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Give 100k to God, then use 300k to buy a house, 150k for a car, the rest invest in some funds or fixed savings

8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
Yes I would if I am still single of course

9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
a) Smart
b) Very analytical person
c) Quite funny

10. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
- Always be truthful to me
- Able to seduce me & pamper me:D~
- Understand what I want before I say it
- Share my ups and downs

11. Which type of person do you hate the most?
No particular type of person will make me hate them but if I had to choose I'd say a two-faced-liar

12. If you are given the chance to go back to the past and make a difference, will you?
I'd probably go back but not to make a difference. Instead I'd enjoy life more :)

13. What is the thing that will make you think someone is bad?
Someone that pretends

14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Family, friends & God

15. Are you a shopaholic or not?
No, I am not because I don't have that kind of money to spend

16. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
I trust people to easily and that gets me into trouble

17. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
Funny... I am the same as Tibun, I can share my problems with almost anyone

18. What's the thing that you're most proud of?
It would be 2 things. 1 the amount of friends I have and secondly my career.

19. Rainy day or sunny day?
Damn, same as Tibun again... I like the smell of rain

20. Biggest spending per receipt in your life (loan not included)
My in-car-entertainment set - RM2700

I am going to tag :

Monday, March 17, 2008

More than a month now...

It has been more than a month now since I last updated my blog.
I actually owe you guys quite a lot of updates in my life but I have just been too busy with work and too tired after it. Excuses, excuses... I know :P

Life has been pretty hectic these days at work.
There's a lot of hiring going on and I have been tasked as the one and only person to recruit and interview people. Which I am happy with! At least I get to select the good people first hand and put them in my team first :D
Other than that with 3 accounts under me, it is quite frustrating and gives me quite a migraine. Haven't been having migraines for a long while now but it seems to be back.
Been getting a lot of escalations from my SDM's (Service Delivery Manager's) from UK. They are like my virtual managers in UK where everything I do here needs to be reported to them. If something ever goes wrong in KL, I'd be the first get the bashing.
And I don't really like that but its the norm in my line of work.

Anyway I'll just post some of the photos I've taken at my good chicken friends wedding. Please do not comment on my tummy, I know its big. Thanks.

At G Hotel, Gurney. The place the newly weds would... you know... *ahem* *ahem*

At the Wedding Dinner

The Night Before Chicken Thong Got Sentence to Life as Betterman Husband :)

Dinner witg brides side

Subsequent photo from the first one... got chased out of their room! They wanted to do it even at 4pm -.-"

No... not my gf... she's my khai mui (god-sis) & Chicken Thong's sister

My khai ma (god-mother) & of coz Chicken Thong's mom

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

Time flies when you're having fun doesn't it? :)

Its already the 4th day of CNY which means tomorrow I'll have to go back to KL already. Come Tuesday I'll be working again... damn :'(
Wish I could just stay in Penang and not go back to KL for work.
It has been a great great CNY this year.
For the past few years I hadn't the time to visit relatives and friends.
It was mostly work work work! Fortunately this year I could take the time off from work and spend very very valueble time with my family and friends.
I can see it in my parents eyes that they are very happy I could follow them out to visit relatives this year. Getting all those usual compliments from the elders.
You know, like... "Wah! Your son so big and pandai, you can enjoy life now!".
I really wish I could give them that but too bad... I can't, well at least not yet.

However there is an exception this year. I didn't get a chance to meet with my khai ma, khai mui, ah thong & wei chuan. Which is kinda sad cause since college I think I have been spending more time with them rather than my family. They have become like my second family, which is great to know that there are people that care for me.

Well I think the way I wrote this post might seem a bit sad to read but I assure you that this is the happiest CNY I have ever celebrated despite ang pow money is at its lowest -_-"

Lastly I'd like to wish all of you...
Happy Chinese New Year - for the banana people
Keong Hee Huat Chai - for the hokkien
Gong Xi Fa Chai - for the mandarin
Gong Hei Fatt Choy - for the cantonese
Keong Hee Huat Chye - for the teo chew

May the year of Rat bring you all prosperity and health!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Updates for my first month of 2008

Hey guys
Sorry about the lack of updates here.
It has been pretty busy for me since 2008 started.
And it has not started that well for me I guess...

First of all I am now taking care of 3 accounts instead of 1.
I know this day would come sooner or later as I was already informed before I took on this role in this organisation. However it was promised that the mess in these accounts would be dealt with first before I took over. It is not a problem for me to clear all the mess, after all that is why I was hired in the first place. The problem is not giving me sufficient time to do all this.
Well enough bout my job... I'll move on to happier things :)

My good friend, ex-room mate, khai ma's son & chicken brother got married on 19th January 2008. Although he signed his papers back on 1st Jan 2005 :P I was the witness when he got married so I know! I was tasked with the role of his best man, having to hold on my left hand all his ang pow's (red packet containing money) and my right hand holding a big ass red fan which I had to use to fan him and keep him cool.
It was also the first time I had to feed someone food! Then at the wedding dinner he invited some college friends which I have not meet for a long long time. It was great fun getting to meet them.

Following weekend which was last Saturday and Sunday, I brought my team of colleagues to Penang for a food trip. That was a great fun or great feast whichever you like to call it... :)
List of items we had:
1. Mee goreng which had lots of sotong at Pulau Tikus
2. Chendol at Penang Road
3. Gurney Hawker food - Laksa, Fried chicken and MANY other fried stuff, fried oyster, char koay teow, muar chee & ikan bakar
4. Boozing of coz Kilkenny's - its not food but I'm going to list it anyway :P
5. Brunch at Tho Yuen - Best roasted chicken ever, sang mee, hong tou mee and fried rice. Everyone was so happy with the chicken, we ordered another half after finish half a chicken
6. Ais Kacang at Lorong Selamat
7. Seafood at Ah Yan, Batu Kawan - Crabs, man tou, nestum prawns, red fish (don't know if that's the real name) cooked in tomyam, deep fried sotong and kangkong sambal.

Well I think it was a pretty decent food trip considering we only had 36 hours to eat.

Hope this post gives you guys some updates about my life here...

Monday, January 21, 2008


I need to get a new life!
I need to resign and go away from all this concrete jungle!
I need to get in touch with myself again!

Just feel like letting go of everything I have right and just run away...