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Friday, November 30, 2007

Alvin with a big hole in the pocket

As you may have been informed in my previous posts that I spent almost a thousand on my car for repairs. That has burnt a big hole in my pocket.
Nevertheless another thing has happened... like the Malay saying, "Sudah jatuh lagi ditimpa tangga".
I have been having these pains on my lower right jaw for the past few days now.
It gives me a slight headache and because I bite my teethes a bit when I sleep it hurts even more. So today I couldn't bare the pain anymore and went to visit the dentist.

Got a x-ray done immediately and the doctor diagnosed it as my tooth that had a filling put in say... hmmm... when I was in form 3(thats around 1996), has some infections under the filling and its touching the nerves. That's why I am feeling such pains.
2 options were given to me, save the tooth by doing a root canal and then crowning OR remove the tooth completely and put in a fake one.
I am a saver, I've saved it once, I'm gonna save it again :)
So decided to go for the root canal and crowning option.
Just in case you want to know root canal is removing the nerves underneath your tooth. That will make it a so called "dead tooth" then they put a crown over it. Thats to cover back the hole in the tooth. Well... it hurts... trust me... it really does!
If you want to know more - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Root_canal
So like what the title says big hole in my pocket, here's the break down:
Root canal - RM600
Crowning - RM480
Total - RM1080
The hole in my pocket & look on my face when I heard the price - PRICELESS

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

False Information on the internet?

Hmmm... I just wonder why some people provide the wrong information on the internet.
Even when I was like in Form 3 when mIRC was the biggest thing, people were giving wrong information. Like for example whether they were male of female.
Well I would understand why they'd lie about their gender. The males pretend to be females to get to know the females better, I think lar. Don't know if that trick works as I've never tried it myself :P

However I don't know why people would lie about their age & zodiac year.
Well some people lie to be younger so they can court younger chicks but putting your age as 251? What for? You want to court dinosaur?
Then this guy is obviously a rooster, chinese zodiac year, but he puts as RAT?
What can he achieve by doing this? Hmm... really makes me wonder.
Then there's another thing, his profile has been viewed 53 times and nobody bothered to fark him up :) I always like to be different!

Have you ever pretended to be someone else on the internet?
I've never... just be yourself :)

Syiok Sendiri

- Alvino - says: where else besides jobstreet ah
- Alvino - says: i dont like jobsdb.com
- Alvino - says: anywhere else?
Lingy says: jobstreet so far the best lor
- Alvino - says: ya lor
- Alvino - says: we should create emptystreet.com
- Alvino - says: coz all the streets will be empty... why? everyone has a farkin job!
- Alvino - says: hahahahahah

Sigh... I syiok sendiri...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Feeling very down 27th November 2007

Today, for no reason, I am feeling very down...
Just feel like resigning and go travel around the world for a month.
I think a lot of people will feel this way when they are stressed out.
For no reason I feel stressed out.
I just mentioned in my previous posts that I have basically nothing to do at work.
So you might be thinking, "What is this mutha farker thinking? Stress? Come do my work then you know what is stress!".
Let me put it this way... have you ever wondered why some of the people in your company or organisation can keep on working non-stop and are still pretty happy when they are given a lot of work to do. Thats because they are doing what they love and more importantly they are working with people that has the same objectives to achieve. What I'm facing now might not make sense to you but I am really very tired of this job and really want to just resign.
When I decided to take this job offer and leave Dell I was very happy that I would be able to take on this new challenge and prove my capabilities in another company. I even didn't rest from Dell and took this new job immediately without a break. Sigh... I wish I had taken a rest first before coming here. I wish I hadn't leave Dell where all my good friends are now. I live my life by the motto that I won't regret whatever I do... now I am regretting... TOO LATE...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dedicated to Grace - My Dear

*** WARNING!!! This post could potentially caused some of you to feel sick or might even cause you to vomit or become suicidal. Could potentially make you laugh till you fall of your chairs. However you are not allowed to use this as a joke or something to tease me when you see me!!! ****

This post is dedicated to my dearest. She has always been patient with me for being so moody and bossy most of the times.

Dear if you see this, I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true (hopefully I'm in the wish).

They say pictures last forever... will we be forever? I hope so :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Boredom at work

Hey guys,
As you may or may not notice... I've been updating my blog quite frequently for this few weeks.
Reason is as stated in the title, "Boredom at work".
Seriously guys this is the easiest job I've done in my whole life...
At first it was busy... then when I finished all those things, I practically had nothing to do anymore.
I'm not trying to brag about my "easy job" instead I feel frustrated having to come from a job that has a lot things to handle to a job which basically asks me to sit here and just do nothing.
I feel that I am wasting my time here with nothing to do. Compared to what I was promised when I was interviewed for this job. Handling transitions, handling multiple accounts, having 20+ agents & many more. All this seems to be empty promises from what I can see from my point of view.
I was also promised a RM500 standby allowance before I came and when I got here... I was told, again, I can't claim this because I am not on standby.
By far... I am pretty dissatisfied and I shall carry on doing my daily tasks such as updating my blog, chatting on MSN, surfing websites, visiting all the forums I can think of, read blogs, read The Star online. Anyone got any suggestions on what else I can do at work?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Funniest load of crap I've seen in ages...


This has gotta be the funniest load of crap I have seen in a very very long time!
Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do...
If you want more head on to youtube.come as there's even more there!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Penang's Good Food... forget about those email that they forward

hey guys...
recently visited this blog by a BM guy... its superb!
he introduced a lot nice... and i mean really nice eating spots that i usually go to as well!
oh goodness gracious... being in KL and watching all those photos just gives me the urge to just drop everything in KL and go back to Penang just to eat 'em all
too bad i just cant do that... well... i wish i could though...
so if guys want to know what penang food is good... visit it here http://www.vkeong.com/

BM kia rulez!!!
Penang forever!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Being honest to run a business

Hey guys,
I know I know... been quite a while since I updated my blog.
Life has been pretty boring for the past few weeks.
Everyday I'd wake up late and go to work around 3-4pm.
Do some reports in the early times of the day and spend the rest of it sitting there doing nothing at all...
Well I'll skip all the boring part ok? ;)

My parents came down for the weekend just to visit my and my brother in KL.
So as usual whole family cramp into one car and we went to Sungei Wang.
On the way back I hit a pothole that was deceiving, it looked small but when I hit it, the whole car flew up :'( The steering was displaced around 40 degrees that pretty bad. When I turn its now hard to turn back, a little hard not to say very hard.
So the next day took it to a shop for checking or diagnostics.
So what happened? I felt like I got slammed by a phone book thats what happened.
The guy started checking and unveiled more and more and more issues with my car.
Kinda feel cheated :( At first he said bushing, then he said drive shaft and then he said steering rack. I was like WTF dude! Make up your mind!
So he then started making phone calls to get pricing. Which then he came back to me with a calculator and started hitting the calculator like a mad man. Ok he did't hit it like a mad man but to me it felt that way. *Tik* *tak* *tik* *tak* times that like a million times and he showed me the golden number. MAHAI it was a thousand plus!
Suddenly I felt like a sucker... a big one!
I gave the guy a frown and told, "Wo mei you chien!" (I don't have the money!) and I walked into my car and drove off.

I'm not sure if he was trying to rip me off or what but sure felt like it was. Consulted the great Keebs which told me to get a 2nd opinion first which is the right thing to do.
Can't KL people do business with honesty? When I was in Penang I wont have problems like this... hmm...