Juz a normal guy in this whacky world... Striving to have a "normal" if there is one in this world...

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another day another story... but...

Like the title says... another day another story but...
I don't have anything to say actually...
Sorry to disappoint anyone reading this but what I actually want to say
is this...
Sometimes thing may appear nice and turn out bad. That's my biggest worry right now.
Everything at work seems to be fine. Everyone is nice to everyone, well at least
in my team. That just worries me a little. Just worried that some day out of the
blue I might get a few stabs at the back. Office politics just sucks man.
I hate working in a place where there is a lot of politics. I think I just
joined a company which has a lot of politician-wanna-be.
Well... what else can I do but just wait for someone to appear behind me
trying to back stab me. Just have to be ready at all times.

On a better note... I am sitting inside a cyber cafe with a hot chiq just sitting
very very close to me... she's very hot man! Very nice figure say 36C 24 28.
Yeah the arse a bit small... :P Well at least make my Sunday in KL move livelier.
Spent the whole Sunday at home... even ordered McDonald's to be delivered.
What a way to spend a Sunday :(

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

3rd Week in Kay L

This is the 3rd week I am here...
Still trying to get use to the things here
Cantonese is not really that easy
Watchin TVB makes it look so much easy but... everything I want to say
the words out... it just goes missing
Guess practice makes perfect

For the past week it has been pretty boring and dry
Everyday just go to work and attend training
Finish work play pool coz in my pantry there's a pool table
Then on Friday my colleagues took me to Asia Cafe at Subang
Had dinner and played pool again... haha...
And of coz not to miss out the booze :P

KL... this is what I do :(

Sunday, September 16, 2007

KL - Too Big for Alvino

Oh boy... it's been exactly 1 week since I've touched down in KL
Since last Saturday which is the 8th of September 2007,
I have spent RM200 for petrol alone and RM50 for toll :S
Mind you that doesn't include the toll and petrol getting from Pg to KL!
Geez... I have gotten lost MANY MANY TIMES which is why I've spent so much.
Hence why the title, KL... too big for little Alvino :)

Well I guess I am still handling things pretty well...
At least I know how to go a few places, namely...
Cyberjaya (Work :P)
Puchong Jaya (HOME! :P)
Kelana Jaya station
Bukit Jalil Station
Old Klang Road
Mid Valley
IOI Mall nearest to my house...
USJ Taipan
Sunway Pyramid
The Curve, IKEA, IKANO and 1U

That's about it but I guess its good enough for a Penang boy to achieve in 1 week.

Ah... I also met up with Leonard and Jen (Xiao Min) over the weekend at The Curve.
She's going to leave Malaysia and go to Bristol on Monday, sad :(
Everyone in the old company still misses her but life goes on!
The Curve is really big a nice place to meet friends to chit chat... only thing I can remember about the The Curve is a Thai shop that sells nudles I guess its noodles.

AND!!! KL isn't that big... well... for this instance only... when I was at IKEA I met Robin and Lina who were in KL for the Jacky Cheung concert. After that I went to 1U and saw an ex-dell girl there as well... okay 2 instances... still KL is too big for Alvino :P

Don't know what else to say... too many things has happened...
Work hasn't really started yet... still undergoing training, induction, those normal stuff...
I guess the real "good stuff" is gonna come soon when my UK boss comes next week!
Life is going to be tough :'( but hey... no pain no gain
I am glad I accepted this job offer and moved to KL... I am learning much much more compared to when I was at Dell *cough*hell*cough*

That's all for the time being... going to go home now... paying RM2.50 an hour for internet usage till I get my own place and broadband...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

As the days passes... my heart weakens...

Day after day,
I feel like not going away.
Hour after hour,
The feeling gets even more sour.
Minute after minute,
I don't really think I can take it.
Seconds after seconds,
My heart weakens.

26 years I have been in Penang,
Want to leave everything really not senang.
My family, my father, mother, grandma and sister,
How can I leave and yet make my heart feel not so bitter?
My dear, my dear, my dear,
When will you be here?
My heng tai's! My tukau peng eu's! My brader's!
Will KL have the same bunch of suckers? <--- Haha... juz jokin!

Laksa, char koay teow & hokkien mee,
Limpeh very confirm go KL sure will only ciak mamee. :'(
Penang Laksa is call Laksa,
In KL why Curry me also called Laksa, ini memang seksa!
Limpeh is Penang chia cheng HOKKIEN lang,
Go KL speak cantonese? I will kiang kan.

Thats all I can think of rite now...
Seriously... I don't feel I can live outside of Penang
but what else can I do but to embrace this change like a man.
To all my frens that are reading this... you better farking come down to KL
and find me more... Don't come and keep it a secret...
If I find out... ur car ur house... u better hide it :P