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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Its My Way or The Highway

"Its My Way or The Highway"
Imagine one day at work your screwed up office...
Your propose that YOU can do a particular tasks which you know and everyone knows
cannot be done...
And when you reject or at least try to defend your arse you get this...
Its my way or the highway buddy :P

What would you do? What would you say? How would you react?

Well... in my case... its not only me but a few colleagues as well.
We didnt exactly get the my way or the highway but it was this,
"This is not an OPTION, it is a DIRECTION!".
We had to obey like slaves we are and do what we were told to do :(

It just makes you say "hamik lanciao? mah cheebyee eh!", doesnt it?
Ah... what to do... life is like this... so think on the bright side
At least the boss is not sending you to Africa :)

The Life of a Slave... lookin for a highway (if anyone knows a highway,
please point me to it)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Amazing Race

As mentioned in the title... amazing race... yes...
We had a company event for our services department last Saturday.
Its similar to the Amazing Race you see on TV except the prize is RM 0.00 :)
Nope... didnt left out any other numbers its ZERO and only ZEROS.
Well... the first team did get a trophy, so did the second and the third.
Heh... so... well... its bout the monay, its bout team building.
We had 9 staff teams and 1 management team.
It was sure fun to see everyone getting together and getting to know each other.
Especially the South Asia team and the Australlian team. We dont get to talk
or even see each other at working hours so it was a time to mingle.
For the singles it was time to mengurat :P
And for the not so singles... it was juz to have some fun.

I would say the planning and effort from the organising team was perfecto!
It was great... the puzzles and clues were terrific EXCEPT for the execution!
Rules were not communicated properly causing much confusion amongst teams.
The above reason caused my team to come in I think 6th or 7th spot :P
Its not our fault =X its them!

Well I think I am getting lousier each time at this blogging thing.
Should I stop? How do I put a freakin poll so my 2-3 readers can vote :P

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Crepe Cottage

Crepe Cottage... thats where we had our little celebration dinner
Its juz alone the nice nice sipeh crowded Gurney Drive...
Specialties of the shop are Pan cakes and Ice Cream ^_^

We reached the place around 8pm but some only got their food on the table
at 11pm... yeah... WTF? haha...
Its because the whole shop only 1 aunty cooking...
And that aunty cook 1 order 1 at a time... thats why so freakin slow

Pic above L to R: Sharon Stone, Vince L, Dominique, Mel Mel, Vince G

the Little Penguin wine - Shiraz - bought from Denise

Cabernet Sauvignon bought from Denise Wine as well - very sweet

Almost the whole group L to R: Richie Lim, Ram Ram, Wee Wee, and HL

This is one innocent photo of Dinash not drinking wine but look below his hand...
cup of wine... somemore setengah habis dah =P

The food there was good but we had to wait so freakin long to eat it!
Hence why no photos coz we makan =D
Bill was RM200 which is not bad lar for so many people...

Very sleepy now... dunno what to write...
Bai bai...