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Sunday, November 26, 2006

- Happy Burfday GNMY -

I would like to dedicate this post to GNMY, someone very special to me
that has been at my side no matter what.
Happy Burfday! May God bless you always and shower your needs always.
Happy Burfday Grace! Muacks!

Busy with work

Well as the title says, I'm busy with work!
Been on training for the past 2 weeks and an interview for myself also interviewing others
Now I have to sit for an exam for the training that I went to.
The training was an internal company training for server products.
It was quite fun to learn all that... but... the exam is not useful for me coz
I juz wanted to learn the products... not support them...
Server products are definitely much more interesting than normal desktop & notebooks.
Alot of management stuff that can be done on the server and there is juz so much redundancy
I didnt even know that they have redundancy for RAM/memories!
Wont want to bore you with the training stuff... if want go register and take the training
probably you are from the same company as me :P

Then conducted interview for new up coming L2's...
Probably gonna hire around 4 or more L2's this round!
Looks like a lot of chance for people to grow recently which is good :)
The interview was fun... I felt the power :P I could ask anything I wanted!
It was great fun seing people trembling, freaking out and still trying to give you
an answer at the same time trying to please you... hehehe :D
After torchering some people I got what I deserved
I had to participate in an interview myself :(
I was interviewed by 2 senior managers and 1 HR manager
I was thinking wtf... I am only interviewing for a TL post...
Why need so many high ranking ppl to talk to me?
Worst part is the interview took 15 minutes only :(
My fren had 30 minutes... and me 15 ONLY?
Geez... :(
Anyways results should be out very soon ;)
Actually I know the results... juz dun wan to tell till official statement from management!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Langkawi Trip Nov 2006

Went to Langkawi few weeks ago with Thong and his wife

It was suppose to be a holiday trip but I think I ended up being more
tired and alot more poorer... darn it
Usual thing took the ferry from Penang to Langkawi.
It took around 2.5 hours to get there.
Once we got there even before we went down, a few guys in white
shirt jumped in and started passing around their name cards.
Mau sewa kereta? Tinggal berapa hari? Mau hotel?
Damn I actually got pissed of by this but heck... when we got out
there was even more buggers but these were without uniform
so I guess they must be the illegal ones
So we took the offer from the white shirt guy... Proton Wira for 2 days RM130
I thought that was cheap but to find out that it was non peak so I could
have rented a Honda Civic for that money... darn it
Oh ya... if any of you happen to go Langkawi, if anyone asks you
which hotel you're stayin in... DONT TELL THEM!~, its actually a scam
last day of your stay they will come around your hotel and dent your car
then asking that you pay for it when you return your car... so beware!

Proceeded to find our hotel by the name of Malibest which is not so best!
Whole hotel... we were the only occupants... scary man...
Well anyway Malibest is located at Pantai Chenang... something like
Penang's Batu Ferringhi... it was nice not many people around
Wanted to go to the beach but both nites rain... man :(
No chance to watch stars!!! Darn it! That was actually what I was
anticipating to do at Langkawi... lay down on the beach and watch STARS!
Well... didnt do much there except shopping -_-" pocket kosong
Bought liquor and chocs as usual and also a digital cam - got cheated :(
Price in Penang for the camera was cheaper by 25 bucks and yet they
could have given me 1GB of memory instead of 256mb :(
Not much lar but still got cheated for 100 bucks or so...
Places I visited was the cable car thing... abit scary the cable car
but it has a breath taking view up there... I juz wish they had made
more shades! The walking up there made me dizzy and tired...
as if not enough from the ferry ride...
Then there is this Underwater Park... I think thats the coolest thing in
Langkawi but dem expensive leh... rm38 for tourist... if you're
Malaysian got discount rm28... it was the same for the cable car ride...
rm35 for tourist, flash them your MyKad or IC and discount till rm25...
I say its cool becoz... no sun... no sweating... :D
There are alot of marine life inside... big big sharks and sting rays... nice
Something like Sentosa Island in Singapore

Well that almost sums up my visit to Langkawi...
And some photos to end it.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

- Work -

Been so busy with work lately
Always end up working 11 to 12 hours a day
Everyday I tell myself I am goin home sharp 9 hours nothing more :(
I fail every day except for Friday :P
Well... life at work has been hectic!
People leaving the team, good people, leaving for better jobs
Sigh... its good for them but bad for the team
The team is in a critical stage and if nothing improves I'm juz worried
they might juz shut my team down and move it back to India
Some of my colleagues wanted to leave hence I thought there was no future
left for me as well, so I went on lookin for a chance to leave as well... AND...
I got it... I was going back to old team... which is great and all that but...
some thing was bothering me actually...
Within the few months being with this new team I have grown fond of them
They are a team of good people that are juz no doing what they should be doing
They are demotivated from doing the best they can do
And being a part of this team, I felt that I had the responsibility to help them
Sigh... What should I do?
Should I leave or should I stay?
Well being in this team I also managed to get my blood pressure up till 140/80 :)
Will I die faster in this team? Probably YES! Haha...
Well... thats my thoughts for now...
Hope God can show me the right path to walk