Juz a normal guy in this whacky world... Striving to have a "normal" if there is one in this world...

Friday, May 26, 2006

There's always a first time... even when you dont know how

Yesterday marks the first day I've ever changed car tyres =)
It also marked the first day I got sick in my new home.

I was sick for goodness sake but still what to do... a hero has got to do what he has to
My gf's tyre was punctured... how could I not help?
She's pretty lucky, no i dont mean coz she has I know there are alot more nicer guys than me,
but lucky in a sense that I was sick on that day and I did not go to work...

So she called, "Dear, my tyre punctured, can you help?"
Me, "ME? Right person or not? Me techie no mechanicie!"
Well fine... as her man I walked out... first thing I thought of was to get the jack.
Opened up the back, found the jack but heck its stuck! How do you freakin remove it?
After trying to figure it out for a FEW minutes then I knew... its a freakin jack!
You have got to undo it as in make it go down first... damn how stupid can I be!
Well that was the only hard part... removed it... jacked up the car and changed tyres.
After I finished my gf said something very remarkable... "Dear, you're not going to change
the rims ah?". Me, "???", stares at her... haha...

Well thats the end of my story... oh ya... I was sick coz I got flu and I have a lil hole
in my throat :) Needs 2 weeks to recover :)
I talk too much at work... gotta find a work that requires silence from me.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Haven't got time to blog recently...
Busy with the house yes...
Hmm... so FAR I've only got 1 gift...
Where have all my frens gone to? Hmm I wonder :P
1st Place goes to my godmom, khai mui and ah thong they gave me an electric thermo pot
2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place... guys please... help me fill up all these blanks?

Anyways been very tired lately
Worked from 6am to 5pm for 2 weeks... boy is it tiring
Come back home bathe go out for dinner come back sleep
Thats all I do now... dont even get a chance to play games or download stuff
Boring life...

SO... please make my life more interesting and send me ur money or gifts ASAP.
Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Ah... at last I have moved in to my home
Home Sweet Home! That sounds nice... maybe I'll get a rug saying that? (volunteer buy for me)
Nothing much in the house yet but bought some furniture already though.
Dining table, TV shelf, bed with matress and sofa. Yes Jeebs "L" shape juz like Keebs!
And L is not for Loser is for for for... er... Ho "L"iao... yeah thats what L is for =D

Wanted to post some pictures but too tired... been working 6am-3pm this whole week
and every single day I rush home to settle this settle that...
Electrical problem, plumbing problem, lawyer problem, move stuff from rented room, etc...
Next week somemore have to work 6am-5pm -.-"
Still have lots more stuff to do... change TNB, PBA and Indah Water to my name somemore
Go cancel my very stupid TMnut and Streamyx line (hoooray!!!")
Long Live PenangFON!

Well enuff for now... have to bathe and rush to watch Da Vinci Code...
End of story I'm tired but I'm happy with what I have and every single second of my life
I thank God for it.

Will upload pics later...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Place to call HOME

Today marks another milestone in my life.
I now have a place to call my home apart from the home (my parents home)
that I have been living in for the past 25 years.
Well today is a very memorable day for me.
Long long ago when I was like 16 or 17 I think, my mom remembers this as well!,
I asked my mom "mama mama, when did you bought our house?".
She replied "28 years old lor, why?" then I said, "I'm gonna beat ya! I'm gonna get one at 25!".
Hah! And now I've done it... and my mom suprisingly remembers I said that to her...
Pretty bad for me huh?
But buying this is not something I force to happen it juz happens to be a coincidence
that I find a house and buy it at age 25... I dont even remember it till my mom mentioned it.
Hahaha... pretty cool coincidence eh?
Ok now the real deal...
Frenz and family who are reading this, as you know poor me is still very young and boh lui $$$
Please prepare a sum of money not less than RM300 for house warming party.
If you think that you will avoid coming to my house for the party and givin me the money,
think twice... most of you... I KNOW YOU CAR PLATE NUMBER AND I HAVE 20 CENTS!

Thank you for reading this and I will allow 30 days for you to save the money.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Oi, Updating my blog, alvinthegreat

First of all I have nothing to blog about but becoz of my frenz comment
"Oi update your blog lah alvinthegreat" so I will FORCE myself to blog this entry.

This photo was taken about 2 months ago when I was on my way back to BM.
Its actually before Bandar Perda (from Bukit Tengah roundabout), juz a lil
bit after the Mobil petrol station.
Words are useless... hah saying that now I think I got something extra to say...
there's 1 new hire in my team and I'm in charge of coachin her...
whatever I say she will say "sure ah?", "correct or not?", etc.
Rimpeh sipeh tulan her... I tell transfer number XXXX she say, no lar this one meh, not this lar...
PKM CCB TNS... I got agitated and said... "u the senior or me? u teach me or i teach u?"
She only said ... "no la no la..."
Then we were suppose to have a team meeting at 3pm but... usually we have to find room
and wait for L2 or Team Lead to tell us to go only we go... but she early early
aux for meeting liao... sipeh TL again... haiya...
I hope she doesnt read this but if she does... then I hope she knows my meaning...
in a team we have got to have teamwork... if she wants to avoid all the work and calls then
she might probably be in the wrong field already!

Cukup on this let me juz post the picture of what I took...

Notice the word. "BURGER CONER"

Burger in cones! Hahaha~
Who wants one? Keebs if you are reading this... I know U want one... U ghey boi!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Warung Mak Su - Kuala Juru

This is one of my favourite food places in Bukit Mertajam.
The name of the place is Warung Mak Su, which is located at deep inside Kuala Juru.
I'd draw map to show you all but I'm too lazy at the moment.
Why? Tiring day at work mate, a colleague fell sick and the calls were like Niagara Falls!
As in pouring in non-stop.

Back to FOOD, this stall serves, hmm...

  • Mee or Nasi Ketam (Crab)
  • Mee or Nasi Udang (Prawns)
  • Ikan Panggang (BBQ Fish?)
  • Sotong Goreng Tepung (Deep fried squids)
  • And many more but those are my favs

Yum yum thinking of it makes me feel hungry.
Price wise its not expensive. A plate of nasi goreng ketam is only around RM7 and you
get 2 crabs =D~~

Here are some photos to make you drooooooool! Nyahaha~

Friday, May 05, 2006

Neebs Punya Shades

It was a Malaysian Public Holiday for Malaysia on 1st May but not for Austrlia.
So if I had went to work I would have earned some nice OT for myself but I decided to
sacrifice the damn money for once just to have some fun and spend sometime with my
good buddies from since secondary school. And I'm glad I did.
I really enjoyed going to the movie and having dinner with them.
It was great...
Anyways as shown in the above title, Neebs Punya Shades, as we were on our way
to Gurney Plaza and in Neebs car of coz, I saw it... his shades! I was like "wow!", in awe.
Those pair of shades are sooooo retro :P Like 80's man...
So I decided to put em on and took a few snaps.
Let me know how it looks compared to the one I have.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Flower Founded in Cameron

As you all know I juz got back from Cameron.
The shocking news was that they found a new species of flowers.
They said it was a breed of flowers and angry humans.
Can you believe this? Maybe this should be in the Ripleys Archive.

They sure look like very "impatiens" flowers to me =)
Ha ha ha... ok its a sick joke... I have nothing better to do!
I came home around 3pm and I was suppose to go swimming at 6pm
but I fell asleep from 4pm to 8pm... now thats NBTD to me.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Cameronian Holiday

Yo guys
Juz got back from Cameron Highlands, yes again, :D
Nothing much to blog about...
It was juz a trip to get a good rest with my dear
We visited most of the famous spots such as Sungai Palas Boh Tea Farm,
Cactus Farm, Rose Valley, the market, strawberry farm (Kasimanis & Raju Hill).

The things I like about Cameron and keeps me going back again and again is...
1. The COOL weather there
2. The GREEN GREEN view from the Sungai Palas Boh Tea Farm
3. Eating steamboat in such cold weather is TERRIFIC

Here's ONE of the photos I've taken, if you want more please head to HERE, Cameron 2006.