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Monday, January 28, 2008

Updates for my first month of 2008

Hey guys
Sorry about the lack of updates here.
It has been pretty busy for me since 2008 started.
And it has not started that well for me I guess...

First of all I am now taking care of 3 accounts instead of 1.
I know this day would come sooner or later as I was already informed before I took on this role in this organisation. However it was promised that the mess in these accounts would be dealt with first before I took over. It is not a problem for me to clear all the mess, after all that is why I was hired in the first place. The problem is not giving me sufficient time to do all this.
Well enough bout my job... I'll move on to happier things :)

My good friend, ex-room mate, khai ma's son & chicken brother got married on 19th January 2008. Although he signed his papers back on 1st Jan 2005 :P I was the witness when he got married so I know! I was tasked with the role of his best man, having to hold on my left hand all his ang pow's (red packet containing money) and my right hand holding a big ass red fan which I had to use to fan him and keep him cool.
It was also the first time I had to feed someone food! Then at the wedding dinner he invited some college friends which I have not meet for a long long time. It was great fun getting to meet them.

Following weekend which was last Saturday and Sunday, I brought my team of colleagues to Penang for a food trip. That was a great fun or great feast whichever you like to call it... :)
List of items we had:
1. Mee goreng which had lots of sotong at Pulau Tikus
2. Chendol at Penang Road
3. Gurney Hawker food - Laksa, Fried chicken and MANY other fried stuff, fried oyster, char koay teow, muar chee & ikan bakar
4. Boozing of coz Kilkenny's - its not food but I'm going to list it anyway :P
5. Brunch at Tho Yuen - Best roasted chicken ever, sang mee, hong tou mee and fried rice. Everyone was so happy with the chicken, we ordered another half after finish half a chicken
6. Ais Kacang at Lorong Selamat
7. Seafood at Ah Yan, Batu Kawan - Crabs, man tou, nestum prawns, red fish (don't know if that's the real name) cooked in tomyam, deep fried sotong and kangkong sambal.

Well I think it was a pretty decent food trip considering we only had 36 hours to eat.

Hope this post gives you guys some updates about my life here...

Monday, January 21, 2008


I need to get a new life!
I need to resign and go away from all this concrete jungle!
I need to get in touch with myself again!

Just feel like letting go of everything I have right and just run away...