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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Interesting weekend

Being reduced to singularity sure does changes a persons life :)
I am now doing things I did not think I would do.
Me naturally being a very lazy person, I will usually laze around at home and do nothing but sit in front of my PC wasting my time away.
This weekend has been quite interesting.
Saturday, went to meet Poh Siang, an ex-colleague and good buddy from Dell who is now working for Intel. He was here for a week for a Cisco certification training all paid by Intel. How cool is that? I wish my company would provide that :P Went to fetch him at his hotel which is Hotel Grand Millennium at KL center which I would rarely go to unless necessary, fortunately I had my Asus P750 with GPS to guide me ;) After fetching him we headed to MidValley for lunch and just lepak before I send him to KL Sentral to take his train to KLIA. Interesting cause I would never drive all the way down to KL just to meet a friend cause I am that lazy!
Today I woke up early and drove to IOI Mall to get my car washed, polished and waxed. Cost me RM130 and a 2 hour wait! How does a single lonely man kill 2 hours all by himself??? Let me tell you how. Went to Popular, acted like I'm someone who reads a lot and flip through the books. Then went to the Asam Laksa stall for lunch. Then into the arcade center to watch people playing games. That was a quick one, then I headed over to Jusco to do some serious shopping (at least serious for me lahhh). Bought 2 pairs of socks, 3/4 cargo pants, 250 page notebook, headphones and grocery. Soon after that it was already 2.30pm :P I spent 2 and a half hours there! Damn... thats why I say singularity modez rulez baby =)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hiking at Bukit Apek aka Bukit Batu Puteh

Went hiking today with my spanking new Nike Flourish II which is now not so spanking new anymore =.="

As stated in the title it was at Cheras near Taman Cuepacs. We only manage to reach station 3 out of 8. Stations 7 & 8 are very close to each other and is the spot where there's a small waterfall. Well reason why we only reach Station 3 was because I am too farking lousy. On the way up, I was out of breath and my legs were giving up on me. Thomas even had to pass his "stick" for me to use =P

Next week I'll be going again. Today's crowd was 10 people and 1 of the girls didn't even break a sweat. So disappointed with myself. Anyway it's a good sign for me that I am really out of shape and need to exercise. Looks like jogging is not enough to keep me fit.

Kong torh mou wai - Say more no use, let you all see how farked up I looked like.

"3" symbolizing Station 3.

Another with a smile.

Look at how wet our t-shirts were. Ignore my stupid grin.

Scenery from where I sat, nothing much.

Thomas posing with his "stick".

View of the trees from the bottom. Very relaxing.

And lastly Jocy who suprisingly coughed all the way up and still survived the hike.

Nike Flourish II

Bought a new pair of jogging shoes for me to use.
My old lousy FILA has given up on me.
Frankly speaking the quality of FILA isn't that good.
Even their t-shirt gets spoiled easily.

Anyway back to the main topic, bought this Nike Flourish II (Written on the box) but can't seem to find it on Google. So don't know I bought ori stuff or fake stuff. Got it from Al-Ikhsan. Purposely buy black/gray color so that it won't get smudges or dirty that easily.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

Hope you guys enjoy this man...
It's one of those very catchy songs that yet gives you a very relaxing feeling when listening to it =)

It made me very happy and relax after listening to it... hope it gives you the same effect ;)