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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Don't be alarmed, I still have my job. It has not been outsourced... YET! Haha...
Outsourced is a saw I just saw on Astro tonight.
Its a story about an American call center that was outsourced to India and the call center manager had to go all the way to India to train his replacements.
If you work in a call center, I am very sure you'll enjoy this movie!
I'm not going to spoil things and write a full spoiler for this movie.
I'll just mention the funniest part of the movie which made me laugh.
It's been awhile since I saw a movie that could make me laugh, well not since Stephen Chow stop making funny movies.

Josh: I'm sure you'll do great! Break a leg!
Ashok: *puzzled look* Break a leg!!??!!??
Josh: Oh! It means... something like... good luck.
Ashok: Oh!!! Woookay~ I hope you break both your legs!

Hahaha... that's funny =) Hope you had a good laugh...