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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Have you guys seen the famous American TV Series called HEROES?
Its a great show about how humans over the years of evolution
evolved to be human being with extraordinary powers.

All this happen with the transformation of genes.
Don't ask me how it happens... I just don't know...
BUT... if you would like sneak peak of what you will get...
Look below...

Haha... this is not Heroes... its ZEROES!
Fake version of Heroes... haha gotcha!
Courtesy of -KCB-

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Funny Clips - Must Watch & Listen!

This is the funniest sound clips I've heard EVER. PERIOD.

Enjoy it... but 2nd one for those who understand hokkien only...

1. RK House - No Pork Prank

2. Kopitiam Prank - Hokkien

Great Week coz...

All I can say is, "Wow!"
It has been a great week for many in my company.
A lot of them got great performance reviews and there was a lot
of promotions as well... despite the companies poor performance.

For myself I got a promotion as well which was... hmm...
many were saying "well deserved promotion"
maybe thats true but looking at my own teams performance
i think i shouldn't have gotten the promotion at all...

nevertheless i will try harder to bring my team up to the next level
and make sure this time at least 2 people in my team gets promoted!

Gambateh neh!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How to make your own Shandy - Amazing! Try it!

Like the title says... this entry is going to teach you how to make some
kick arse shandy without having to pay so much :)

All you need is just...
A Can of Carlsberg

A big bottle of 7up

Juz mix em and drink em!
Bottoms up :)

So easy... blogging is so easy... haha...

Well this recipe I got it from my mom...
She was told of it while shopping for CNY goods and the lady
juz told her, "Save your money, dont buy shandy! DIY dude!"

OK the "DIY dude", I added myself

Anyway photos of what happened with this experiment my mom did...
It actually tastes better than the Real Shandy :P not so real after all...

Enjoy making your own Shandy...