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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Friends that are business minded

Had one of my college friends contacting me last weekend.
Was quite a shocker as we haven't seen each other since a quite a while.
Said that he was in town and wanted to meet up with me to eat laksa.
Being the old nice pal I was of cause I agreed without hesitation.
He said 3pm and soon at 4.30pm I started to lose my patience,
hey 1.5 hours thats blardee long lar - was asleep anyway :P, so I decided
to give him ping. So he said sorry I'm meeting up with a customer and all that.
Fine fine... take your time, which he soon arrived within 15 minutes.
Going out to eat he came up with the topic that most people usually bring up
if you hadn't seen each other for a long time. Like what you doing to mess up your life rite now?
Are doing anyone famous like Palas Hilton? Niko Lychee?
Then he told me his "side" of his story which was quite sad. Mom met with an accident not
long ago and he had to take 2 months leave which caused him his job.
And right now he has to be in mortgage line with banks.
So I thought... still okay what, at least got job right?
Then another tragic story, my boss doesn't like me and I don't get a lot of sales!
Hmmm... something doesn't sound right!
Of coz we finished our laksa and when we reached our house *drum roll*
he said, Alvino help me sign up for a credit card *fireworks*
Whammmmm kena lar tu :(
Well of course being the nice pal I am I agreed
Sigh... should have smell it miles away but... I'm just too pure and innocent :'(
I don't mind helping a friend in need but come on be upfront about it to me
We're buddies, we're pals! Those reading these do not think I am easy to bully :P

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Life moving on fast...

Well things having been great so far at work
Remember that Pan Chai and Yan Dou Chai story?
Yeah those 2 buggers! Fortunately those 2 have been "moved"
out of my team... which has brought a great change to the teams morale
The people that used to be under them are starting to get motivated!
Thats great coz its showing in the service level, at times we can reach 100%
with 16 people available to take the next call... that has never happened!
Not once since I joined the team in July...
This is the first :) Some of the agents say the curse is over! Hahaha...

To me I dont think its a curse. Its all the agents doing. They shouldn't have let
their boss being lame as an excuse for not coming in to work and not performing
If they had done this earlier we would have been better off, maybe those that
didn't get their increment on March would have gotten it... well... too late anyway
I just hope those agents learn from this "tragedy" - bleeding for a whole year service level

As for me, times flies really when everything is going well...
I spend my days in the office doing this
1. Make sure my team attendance is full, if they're not there I'll have to know why
2. Go for breakfast :P
3. Check emails/consult for walk-ins/walk the floor
4. Meetings
5. Lunch
6. Check emails/consult for walk-ins/walk the floor
7. Meetings
8. Go home :)
Sounds easy huh? Well that was what I did for the past 2 weeks
Its gonna get tough though from next week onwards...
Gotta push up the figures for our survey from now

Well it was nice while it lasted :)
Hope everyone else is having the same easy-office-life streak, especially keebs :P

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Recently there has been a li-ork (re-org) done by my company...
Now my boss is gone... and a new boss is here...
He has been for the past 1 week but I was away at Genting! :)
Making myself dizzy and sick with the stupid roller coaster rides, pirate ship rides...
Soon after that we "completed" our trip and came back... the bus broke down...
My nose bleed... overheated obviously...
So... what else can happen to me?
Oh ya... this is the 8th manager I have changed over a period of 1 year!
Well thats all in a nutshell of what happened...
Life is tiring...
Did you guys hear about the HP customer service manager who died from
being overworked and too stressed out?
Hope I dont end up like her... maybe if I do... my blog will get freakin famous?
All proceeds will go to my frenz so they become rich out of a dead fren! :D