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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

I know I know... its past Christmas already but still I have to say it right?
Spent Christmas back in Bukit Mertajam with the usual buddies.
Neebs, Keebs and Jeebs - the 3 EEBS?
So what did we do other than drink, drink and drink?
Of course... for me I go back Penang sure eat, eat and EAT!
Hahaha... it was a very fun but short trip...
The part I didn't quite like was the fact that the Penang Bridge was jammed every single I was back in Penang from like 11am till 11pm.
Where the fark are all these people coming from?
My guess is it should be because everyone's avoiding Kuala Lumpur, scared of the riots and protests and rallies that might happen there.
I heard even the hotel prices in Kuala Lumpur was cut down by 30% due to poor business.

Well... back to my Christmas, as I said it was basically an eat and drink trip.
Went to BED with Neebs, Jeebs, Keebs & Kitty (Keebs wife) but before that we went for a Thai food in Bagan Ajam. The belacan fried rice and tomyam was good. We also ordered a seafood platter consisting of prawns, crabs, squid and... LALA :P What do they call LALA in english anyway? Anybody knows? I wanted to take photos of the food but was too busy eating so no photos :P Sorry.
Then headed to BED for drinks, as usual Keebs couldn't even finish a glass of sissy AK47. The RMDC (Real Men Drinking Club) guys (me, jeebs & neebs) had a blast despite the sissy-ness of Keebs. We had Long Island Tea, Dream (it sucks, tastes too sweet and its like bubblegum, more like nightmare for me), 2 jugs of Tiger, and ended it with shots of Orgasm, Sex in Bed and Flaming Samburca. It was fun, that was probably the first time we went drinking together?
Oh also there were bunch of guys and girls from the next table. The girls were like released from prison and were dancing & drinking like mad. One of the guys suddenly came over and gave a cup of chivas neat to drink. What's the point of that? I of course didn't know what to do but to drink it and say thanks. Hope I did the right thing though :P

And now New Year's is coming but won't be going back to BM. No money already keep drinking and eating. Went drinking again last night. This time to cheer up an old friend that broke up with her bf. There were 3 guys and 2 girls but I think only the other girl knew what happened to her. She acted happy throughout the whole course and keep on making everyone laugh. I hope she is okay and will get over her bf soon enough and back on her feet to be herself again :)

Let's see what I can do for New Year and I can't remember my 2007 resolution already!? :P

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Always Ahead

Just got back from Langkawi late Monday to watch LIMA with NBSD-[[Keebs]- and Jeebs.
It was a very fun trip having the chance to spend team with my good friends and just lepak.
Got sick yesterday, lost my voice, caught flu and coughing as well. This all probably due to OD on alcohol :P I'll blog about Langkawi next time.

Like the title says, Always Ahead, I'm already planning another trip.
This time its another trip to Penang for my colleagues at work.

Notice was sent out as below:


We have been procastinating that we want FOOD! We want GLORIOUS, DELICIOUS, HEAVENLY FOOD!
Now is the time we take our stand and make the decision that will change our lives forever!

Kindly refer below:
Mission: Penang Food Hunt
Code name: PF2PG

Day 1:
- 0200 we all finish work together and drive down to the Land of Glorious Food aka Penang aka Pearl of the Orent.
- 0600 we reach Penang and start our hunt.
Choices: Penang Hokkien Mee using mantis prawn OR Penang Dim Sum?
- 0730 we go to our hotel, check in and rest. Hotel not sure yet - checking for rates at this moment, to see if I can get cheap hotel for you all.
- 1230 wake up & wash up
- 1330 go for war!
Choices: Chicken Rice + Variety of Mee (Hong Tou Min, Ee Foo Min, Char Tua pan & etc)
OR Mt. Erskine aka Pek Hoon Suah - famous for Mee Goreng but also have a lot of other stuff laksa, popiah, pasembur, hokkien mee, wantan mee & etc.
- 1530 we should finish lunch by then maybe can head to Gurney Plaza for some shopping or maybe window shopping.
- 1800 move on to Batu Feringghi, walk walk a bit and of course for you pirates you can get some DVD's.
- 2100 hopefully by this time everyone's hungry and we can head to Gurney for our dinner. Lotsa food - fried chicken, laksa, rojak, sotong panggang & MANY MORE~!~!~!
- 2300 back to the hotel, wash up and PARTY TIME!!! We go clubbing!!!
- 0100 of the next day we either wrap up and go back to the hotel OR for those who can still find space in their tummy we can have some REAL ORIGINAL NASI KANDAR!

Day 2:
- 1200 wake up, wash up & check out from hotel.
- 1330 go for lunch.
Choices: New World aka Sin Sey Kai - Mee Sultan, Ice Kacang, Curry Mee, Hokkien Mee, Char Koay Teow & etc.
OR Lorong Selamat - Famous for its expensive and good Char Koay Teow, Ice Kacang and Penang Laksa.
- 1500 can visit Penang Esplanade & Fort Cornwallis.
- 1700 we can go and eat the BEST cendol in Penang at Penang Road. The laksa there is not bad as well.
- 1800 we leave Penang and head to Bukit Tambun/Batu Kawan for seafood. If you feel adventurous can use the ferry service or else Penang bridge the same way we came.
- 1840 we reach and start feasting on the seafood, recommendation is Ah Yen at Batu Kawan, cheap and good.
Choices: Crab, Mantis Prawn, Fish, Prawns & ANYTHING also got lah!~
- 2030 we complete our trip, wave goodbye to the Land of Glorious Food and head back to Mud City.

The plan is to go on Saturday and come back on Sunday - preferred 2nd & 3rd Feb 2008.

Kindly reply as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Chief Food Commander - Alvino

Any opinion about this itenary guys? Some feedback might improve my plan.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

December Already?!?!?!

Yeah... its already December...
Fast right?
Time really flies when you're having fun.
I guess I'm having loads of fun now.
Still got my service line report to finish by this Friday.
I did 5 reports yesterday.
ISO auditors are coming from tomorrow will Friday.
I can't take my leave on Friday which sucks a lot.
Gotta take a flight back from KL to Penang at 6.55am when I finish work at 2am.

Oh boy its gonna be a busy week...