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Friday, February 23, 2007

Gathering with old housemates from TAR College

Another CNY entry!
Met up with some of my ex-housemates when I was in TARC Penang
We used to stay in the Boon Siew Houses by Penang Realty
It was a nice house... 5 rooms... semi-d house not bad lar...
We had like 13 people in a house hahaha
It was a big happy family... boy I miss my college days :(
Those were the days... nuff bout that... back to the entry!

Attendees were me, my gurl, Li Yen, Tze Yann, Ying Yee and her man Peter.
Everybody looks the same... except for me...
They couldn't recognise me ='(
Again the word "FAT" come up... damn it...
Juz met up to catch up on the good old times
Well I'll post some photos... dun drool all over your keyboard pls =D~

This is a group with photo with LiYen and TzeYann, me in the middle to cover my "fat"

Vain shots...


MaeYen aka Grace

Thats all for now... once again Keong Hee Huat Chye~

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chinese New Year 2007

This year's CNY is really boring man!
At least last year got a lot of activities...
A lot of people not working...
Phone keeps ringing with invitations to go mamak, go lim teh and all that...
This year totally ZERO, NULL, NIL!!!
The thing is this year I purposely take leave leh...
but but but... nobody take leave this year besides me!
What the heck....
I cant curse somemore coz its CNY... argh!!!

I'm rottin at home with nothing to do...
Looks like I really have to continue my Alias Season 1 to 5 Marathon...
CNY is losing its hype year after year...
I really have to make it more interesting next year!
That should be 1 of my 2008 resolutions...
BORING... ciaoz

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Keong Hee Huat Chai

Keong Hee Huat Chai for my hokkien peeps!
Gong Xi Fa Chai~
Gong Hei Fatt Choi!

CNY juz doesnt seem like what it used to be when we were small doesnt it?
Everyone would get so excited about CNY that they'd practically pee in their pants :P
Now CNY juz seems like every other day...
No sound of firecrackers... People dont visit each other anymore
Heck I didnt even buy new clothes or shoes

Well despite all that... been getting a lot of wishes via SMS as usual like Christmas and
New Years...
Here's a good one I'd like to share, direct translation from cantonese to english:
Wish you Horse Arrive Work Done,
Step Step High Rise,
Year Year Got Fish,
One Road Smooth Wind,
Heart Think Work Done,
Dragon Horse Sperm god!

Keong Hee Huat Chai~
Huat Tua Chai~

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happi Balentine's Dey

Happi Balentine's Dey...

Its a new line of liquor from Balentine's :P

What is Valentine?
To Woman: Romance and treated like queen
To Man: Savings gone, credit card swipe max, treated like a slave

Wonder who made this Valentine day?
Even the date also 14/2 if you read this in cantonese its gonna be
"sap sei... yee" which easily converts to be "confirm die easy" knn...
Must be a chinese girl who made up this valentine's day

Anyway my pocket now got hole... so Happy Valentine's Day to everyone
reading this and Happy Chinese New Year soon :)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Usual Friday Nite - Happy Hour

Recently I've been hanging out with colleagues on Friday nite after work
We've been visiting this place called Crytalz Pub
Its one of those old fashion lounges with some "senior citizens" but I actually
like that place a lot... maybe I'm gettin old
You dont have a dance floor... nobody dances...
Everyone juz sits at their table and shares singing a big karaoke projected
to the mainscreen
Kinda nice place to juz sit, drink, relax and talk to frenz
Complain about work... make fun of stupid managers... :)
And by going there I have finally come to understand why people like to
drink and smoke so much... it really takes the pressure of u
It might juz be an excuse but... it sure helps me take off some of the pressure load

So anybody interested to go and treat me a jug or two :D