Juz a normal guy in this whacky world... Striving to have a "normal" if there is one in this world...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jail Sentence Ends Tomorrow 30th June 2006

Ahhh~~~ I smell the sweet sweet smell of freedom already!
After being in prison for 2 years 2 months and 22 days at last it all comes to an end.
I think you dont know what I'm talking about... its my job
I'm free from taking all those crappy calls I get everyday, finally my new role will commence
on Monday. Everything seems very good for me this year and I hope it continues.

Come Monday, new role, new team, new tasks BUT I am starting to get worried bout this.
I'm worried that I might not be able to cope or handle the new tasks very well.
I'm also worried that the guys in the new team might not be able to accept me and
might not respect for the role that I am about to take because most of them are seniors
as well and most of them applied for the post as well.

Very worried. Lets juz hope that I can get along with them and we can all work as a team.

Anyways main purpose for this blog is... KEEBS, WHERE IS MY TAMBUN DINNER???

Please pray for me that I will be able to get along with my new team and cope with
my new job! ^_^

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Today I was at a hotel in Penang doing a walk in interview for my company.
Was with there with the HR people and of coz my colleagues.

I was only there half day but it was fun. Free lunch sux!
The buffet dinner and lunch looks the same... disappointing!

Anyways interviewing people is really fun...
You get to ask anythin you want and they have to answer.
The funniest thing that happened was this...
At the end of this guys interview, we gave him a chance to ask us back anything
he wanted... like a chance for him to know the job and all that.
Guess what he said to me?

I have nothing to ask but I want to say, your hair is very nice and I like it alot.

My goodness? Was he trying to mengampu or is he hitting on me? BBM detected :P
Boy that really freaked me out... well anyways I let him pass to the final interview
So next time if got interview again... polish my shoe kau kau I let you pass~~~

Monday, June 12, 2006

Wifi In Ma Crib

Yo peepz :P
Sounds so not me, hehe.
Well, I'll juz stick to "Greetings keebs and Lingz" coz you 2 are
the only people reading and posting comments in my blog!
Heck... how to get more people to read what I crap here?
Even though its only to vent some anger here sometimes but if nobody
is reading it... I dont feel it happening :P

Ops... side track di, back to the topic "Wifi In Ma Crib".
I've got wireless~~ woohooo~
Bought a
Linksys WRT54G for RM225 from Bukit Jambul.
Its great! It looks wonderful with its blue and black casing.
And at the front there's a very cool CISCO emblem that lights up!
How cool can that be :D Maybe not for tech lovers... but its cool for me.
Installation was a breeze, took me left than 5 minutes to connect the

cables and click Next multiple times and also not forgettin to
setup WPA2 to secure me network.

*WPA2 - Wi-Fi Protected Access™

See the amber light on the most left? thats the CISCO emblem :D

Now you guys must be thinkin "Alvin is so freakin rich and has no
where to spend his freakin money! Instead of treating me to
eat mamak he spends it on a wi-fi router."
Wrong! I got the router becoz I didnt want to cable my whole

freakin with network cables when I have plaster ceiling.
So sensibly getting the wi-fi router solved all my worries.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Broken Tail

Here's how it looks like. I know its not serious but still its my car's first accident.

Also the other day on my way back I saw something very ridiculous.
It gave me good laugh and kept me awake getting home from work.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Forced to blog - Peer pressure

I am blogging now becoz I am forced to by a fren... again...
Well I havent been updating becoz I'm really busy this week and last week.
I juz got home from work, working 7am to 6pm and today mcb some huan nah
bang my car and my tail light is gone. And he's paying me 100 bucks for it.

Demn life is stressful so this blog is gonna be short.

1. Thursday and Friday was at Perlis for a frenz wedding. Its so nice to see him and his wife getting married coz they've been together since form 3 thats like 10 years now.
A relationship that can last so long as a bf & gf is amazing to me. My relationships never
go more than 2 years mark. Sorry no photos to post for the wedding but here are some
photos of the homestay motel my fren rented for us.

2. Next day my fren took us to Gua Kelam. Its a mining tunnel since 1850! Its 370 metres
long cave road. At the end its like going in to another world, imagine Jurassic park, sort of lar.
Its quite an experience for someone who has never been into any caves :P Oh yeah he also
took us for some Perlis famous "tua pow" - big pau? Yeah rite next time he comes to
Penang he's gonna eat Penang famous roti bangali.

3. I felt bored with life seing my fren getting married. I wanted something new as well!
No I did not get any new gf I juz dyed me hair. Consists of 3 colors. Brown, copper & gold.
Only for RM120. Done at AVER @ Krystal Point II. I feel its abit too bright for me but ok lar...
Here's how I looks likes nows. If too tukau please inform me.

This is what the dude use to er... mud my hair...

4. 666 - The Number of the Beast is really EVIL. Went to watch The Omen on 6th June as well.
I hated kids before this but after watching The Omen, dem, I hate kids EVEN MORE.
I dont wanna have kids because when I was small I was evil, so I guess my kid will be the same.
Anyways 666 is bad, next day met with an accident on my way to work.
Nothing serious but my tail light is broken now. Original cost around RM130 plus minus.
Other than that everything is great in my life! I juz have a streak of bad luck.
3 colleagues did not come to work today.
5 people to take 250 calls. Wonderful.
I love my job!