Juz a normal guy in this whacky world... Striving to have a "normal" if there is one in this world...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Khai Ma~

This post might seem to be a little bit late but... heck... better late than never

Happy Birthday Khai Ma!

She's the one sitting down on the far left of course.
I got to know her from my house mate - Rau Kau Chuan (Monkey Chuan)
That was back at TARC Penang... good old days :) I still miss those days
Well RK Chuan was my housemate, a year later his cousin came to live
with us as well, thats the guy standing behind us Kay Thong (Chicken Thong).
And of coz we were all good frens, and got to know my Khai Ma (god mother).

She's has been very very nice to me since the day she met me.
I'm very happy to get to know her as she is like a 2nd mother to me back then.
She still is but just that we dont keep in touch that often anymore.

I'd just like to tell her "happy birthday and thank you for all your care!
you are the best "mom" anyone could have!"

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lazy Satoorday

Signing in from work at this moment...
Its pretty boring to work on a Saturday but... get extra $$$ :)
Feel kinda tired today but what to do...

Plans for tonite seem to be interrupted
Everyone has something to do except for me and DC
but... I dont want to go boozing with another guy... it will look very GHEY!
So... I guess tonite will be juz another lazy nite at home... watchin tv...

Anyways wanna upload some pictures here. They are actually some of the accessories I have
in my car.

1.) Giraffe from Makro - my dad forced me to take it

2.) Potpourri from China - no smell one!

3.) Own made potpourri bought from Cameron Highlands

4.) DLS UP1C Tweeters

5.) DLS C6 2-way system

Obviously by reading this post you know how bored I am in the office now...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Farnee Conversation

This has got to be the funniest thing I heard all day.
Below is a portion of a conversation with a fren I shall name N.

ME: you still got any day off left?
N: alot...anything i can help ya?
ME:how many days mate?
N:more than a week
ME:wahhh... 1 year get how many days mate?
N: 364 and 365 once in 4 years. y? u going to die tomorrow?
ME: @#$$%$%^$%@... i askin u 1 year get how many days leave lah!

Sigh... I laff alot becoz of this... juz brightened up my life!
Thank you for your the laff N!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

WK31FY07 - Hectic Week - Updated

As you all may know, I am now in a situation where I have to pay TNB RM800
I still have 1 week left to make my plead
I am still pending updates from my lawyer, I will contact her on Monday
If all goes well settle lar... if not Tuesday I'll have to go to TNB to make
an official complaint with their customer engineer or someone lar

Apart from that... work is like shit
Got pissed off by an agent of mine
Told him to use a tool that was supplied but was given this,
"You go listen all my calls, if can use, I give you 100 bucks on the spot!"
Mah chao hai... I got pissed off and kicked the rubbish bin, it was LOUD haha...
Well that guy can kiss his any increment or promotion sayonara!
I'm gonna submit his doings to the senior manager :)
U might ask why in the first place I go ask that guy, its becoz that senior
manager is pushing everyone to use it
And this agents name was highlighted... for his good I go ask him
and all I got is his attitude and what the cantonese say "one face fart"
or yat min pei :P

What the fuck is wrong with my life?
My left eye keeps jumping, BAD LUCK they say.
Memang pun bad luck...
Sigh... life sucks at this point so I'm gonna go out and have fun
Tonite booooooozinnnnnnnn all nite long~
Hope I get drunk!

Ended up goin to Swing Cafe at Bandar Perda with Neebs and DC
Reached there 10 plus juz over happy hour and for a bucks of Carlsberg RM61
Compared to happy hour RM39.90 heck wasted a extra 20 bucks
Next week gonna go at 9.30pm and order 4 bucket at 1 go
Bet you guys wouldnt be sayin this now, "Alvino sipeh cheapskate"
So 1 bucket tak cukup the 3 of us lar of coz espcially with DC
having such a big CC :P
Felt real hungry after boozing went MCKT
Met up with Chuen Khim and wife, had a nice chat and found out
more stories about a fren who has changed so much that I myself cant believe it
We were quite close in college but now he's changed so much... I'll talk bout it
next time...
It was a fun nite (any nite with booze is fun) thanks guys!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Chao Cheebai TNB!

Those Tenaga Nasional Bastards are goin to sue me for something I didnt do!
Mah chao hai ah!

I didnt get my last months bill and being a good citizen I called to enquire
about it.
I was then told that my metre was tampered with and they have photos as prove.
They said I moved in at June and they disovered that the metre was tampered with
after June hence I will be one getting sued not the previous owner.
HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT?!?!?! Use ur brains lar...
If I tampered with the freakin metre would I call to ask why my bill didnt come?
And they are giving me 14 days to settle the bill of RM800 or else they are
goin to cut my electricity.
The malay puan I spoke to even had the guts to say "RM800 only what... its not alot"
If its not alot then dun freakin charge me for it lar chao cibai
Kiang kan lar TNB...

Fark the previous owner as well... at least let me know you freakin did somethin
to the metre lar... I could have rectified it... cipom eh

Now I am getting sued and RM800 poorer! There goes my savings AGAIN...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Every Satoorday Night

Every Satoorday nite has been a "guys nite outing"
This has been going on for quite some time now...
I wonder how long is it going to last?
Coz got 1 guy cannot drink beer or any alcoholic beverage
I'll talk about that in another post coz its totally hillarious

OK... now for the past 1 year we have supper every Friday nite
1st Malay Char Koay Teow
2nd Chinese Char Koay Teow
3rd Samudra Nasi Kandar
Those are the only 3 places we have been to every Satoorday nite for the past
1 year(at least)... how boring is that?

Thats why lar my cholesterol level so freakin high!

Anything else we can do on Satoorday nites beside supper?
Clubbing tak boleh... mentioned above 1 guy cannot take alcohol unless eat bread first :)

Life is boring... I wanna be a DVD seller to make life more meaningful

Friday, September 01, 2006

The War of the "3"

Life sucks man... when you have "war" in the office
Imagine this... its like this in the real world
The whole world is quite peaceful with some little protest, strikes rite?
Then there's Iraq, Iran and Israel who are always at war.

The same freakin situation is happening in my office! How wonderful!
Its like we're all living in the same freakin world... why cant you all make peace?
Make peace! Make love and peace :X

3 "countries" living next to each other... why cannot be nicer to each other?
Why isnt there teamwork? Why? Why? WHY???
I have been asking that question for weeks now and I can think of 1000 and 1 reasons.
Still I dont feel like I can fix the freakin issue.
This 3 "countries" have around a total of 48 citizens.
These 3 countries are at WAR
They point fingers at each other...
They blame each other...
Nobody wants to be the bad guy...
They dont freakin care what happens as long as they get $$$
but little do they know... its like US is coming and goin to take control and
kill all of em...

NO MORE 3 countries... 48 citizens all DIE!

In other words, semua kena tapao balik India!
Nobody has job nobody gets paid... all farked up!
Why cant they see that coming I wonder? Armageddon.

Can I make a difference??? Can I change them??? Can I make things right???

I doubt it but there's a little hope in the team...
I see people with wonderful skills and great potential but not putting it to good use
I will try my best... that is my pledge... if I cant do it...
I will resign and fark everyone up before I leave :)

I think what I have written above is very confusing... sorry lar if catch no ball
See me personally if you want to know... but beer or coffee is on YOU! Hehe...