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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Updates updates

World cup is over...
Work is giving me alot of pressure...
My dad is sick...
Alot goin on in my life currently, thats why I haven't been able to blog
Ok lets go through this one at a time

World cup 2006
It was great! Viva Italia =D
Got some extra cash from it ;) if ya know what I mean
And I got myself a Soni Elikson W810i handphone... courtesy of WC2006 :D~
(now how to take a photo of my phone, using my phone???)

Work...work... WORK!
As mention in the prev post I have taken on a new role at work
2 days on the job I was "thrown" into another team with a totally different role!
As they always say... our company is a very fast paced company, changes happen juz like that
So what do I, a technical person, have to do? Besides being a technical support guy for
the level 1 agents, now I have to take on the role of a team leader as well.
What do I have to do? Chase people to answer calls faster, shorter talk times, faster
resolutions, no snaking :P I think u get the idea if you're workin in a call center.
Its not really that bad but... its all too sudden... so abit hard for me to digest actually
Lets hope things get better and I go back to my old role :) or worst come to worst
I stick to the same role :)

About my dad, his heart got blocked 60% + diabetes (high sugar level) + high blood pressure...
So... he had to go for an operation to get the blockage resolved...
Its called balloon, why they named it that in the first place?
Now let me explain, what happens is they have to find the main veins that pump to ur heart.
From there they put in a stem slowly, from ur leg up till inside ur heart... scary but
thank God everythin went ok... my dad is now at home resting

There's alot of small things that has happened but dont think I can update anyore till later
See ya take care