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Monday, September 29, 2008

Ending the long wait

Its been a few months now since I've last been back to my hometown, Penang.
Me and my GF we're all very excited to go back but of cause for her its the FOOD =P
I can't wait to savor all the food in Penang too but most importantly its HOME.
My family and friends that I haven't see for sometime now.
I would never want to lose contact with any of my friends if possible.
I would not say I have a lot of friends but I would say I have a fair amount of good friends.

So here's the plan:

1st October
5pm - Finish work, head straight to Klang
6pm - Hopefully earlier than that, fetch Celine and start our journey back to the land of FOOD!
10pm - Reach BM and balik rumah first. Put our stuff rest for awhile and head over to have some char koay teow for supper.

2nd October
9am - Breakfast with Kev and Ah Qi, go eat hokkien mee
10am - Visit Khai Ma to chit chat and intro Celine to them
11.30am - Buy tau sar pneah and other stuff to bring back to KL
12pm - Lunch at Tho Yuen - Hong Toh mee and chicken =D~~ yummie!!!
2pm - Jalan-jalan at Queens Bay Mall, shopping
4pm - Headover to Penang Road for some chendol
4.30pm - Headover to Mount Erskine for mee goreng, popiah, ais kacang and etc.
5.30pm - Batu Ferringhi for an evening stroll and watch the sunset if we can :)
6.30pm - Walk around the night market... buy some "cheap but legal" DVD's
8.00pm - Have dinner at Gurney hawker center
9.00pm - Walk walk to digest the food at Gurney Plaza
10.00pm - Take ferry ride back to BM
11.0pm - Support again - either chinese or malay char koay teow depending on we have on the first day

3rd October
Still undecided... will plan on 2nd October I guess... Hehe...

Can't wait to go back Penang... the music "Balik Kampung... Oo Oo Balik Kampung" keeps playing in my head... can't get it out of my head man =)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What happens when there's not enough people to work in the office?

What happens when there's not enough people at work or in the office to share the workload?
When I was in Dell as a 1st level tech support I'd pick up the slack left off by my colleagues. I could take up to 70 calls a day working 12 hours a day. Luckily my boss appreciated my "sacrifices" at that time and I was dearly rewarded. Just so yo know my colleagues only took 25 calls a day and I did double almost triple =P
Things got easier when I was a team leader. Well sort of anyway. Why? Coz I did not have to share my work with anyone nor did anyone shared their work with me. All I needed to do was to take care of my people, make sure they work as they are required to meet their metrics and just some paperwork or reporting. It was easy in some terms but it was very very very hard trying to understand certain people and help them harness their skills to their advantage and improve on the things they were weak on. Every single word spoken must be thought through first or else you're gonna hurt his feelings! Lets say I enjoyed it yet I hated it!
Now I'm landed in the same position again. I averaged 30-35 tickets per week compared to my colleagues who do 18 or so tickets. Again double!?!?!? Why must I always be working harder then everyone else? WHY??? Can't my boss hire more people? Can't my boss manage the other guys and get them to work better? I always asked this question when I interviewed people, "If your colleague is not performing, how would you as a colleague, help your friend perform better?". Now I'm asking myself this, "How can I help the WHOLE TEAM, perform better?", so that I don't freaking do so much work and burn myself out eventually. Hmm... any ideas guys?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversary

Wow... today marks exactly ONE year for me in Kuala Lumpur.
I have always been a skeptic of coming to KL for work is better and all that.
Even when I had holiday trips to KL, I'd feel sick because of the fast paced life and the amount of people I see going around. Thus I'd say it took a lot for me to decide to change my life and came down to KL a year ago. I have no regrets coming to KL. Everything has turned out just fine because God has a plan for me, always.
In this period of 1 year a lot has happened. Coming to KL, changing jobs twice, losing my girlfriend but found a wife =). All this in a year!!! This is so not me. I'm not someone who likes changes. I'm always prone to stay in my comfort zone. Always wanting to stay at home and not going anywhere. Sometimes I think I'm quite an antisocial but lets leave that for another post.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy One Month Anniversary

In my previous post I mentioned about the relation of time and knowing someone.
Its been a month since I've been going steady with this special someone. This special person even before I met her I've already felt like I've known her, just by seeing her photo that is and this was only around 2 months or so. Soon after we were together and we were able to share our feelings and thoughts without any problems. In my past relationships I find it very hard to communicate with them. There is always a barrier that surrounds us that makes us not communicate properly. This time around everything seems to great. We share things and we understand each other when we do. Its like I know what she wants and needs and she does the same. Of course its not 100% of the time but most of the important things we have the same thoughts.
In so little time we have been able to share so much and learn from each other so much.
I really hope that things will progress smoothly, although hiccups are expected I hope its those hiccups that brings us closer together.
Happy One Month Anniversary Dear =)