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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

I know I know... its past Christmas already but still I have to say it right?
Spent Christmas back in Bukit Mertajam with the usual buddies.
Neebs, Keebs and Jeebs - the 3 EEBS?
So what did we do other than drink, drink and drink?
Of course... for me I go back Penang sure eat, eat and EAT!
Hahaha... it was a very fun but short trip...
The part I didn't quite like was the fact that the Penang Bridge was jammed every single I was back in Penang from like 11am till 11pm.
Where the fark are all these people coming from?
My guess is it should be because everyone's avoiding Kuala Lumpur, scared of the riots and protests and rallies that might happen there.
I heard even the hotel prices in Kuala Lumpur was cut down by 30% due to poor business.

Well... back to my Christmas, as I said it was basically an eat and drink trip.
Went to BED with Neebs, Jeebs, Keebs & Kitty (Keebs wife) but before that we went for a Thai food in Bagan Ajam. The belacan fried rice and tomyam was good. We also ordered a seafood platter consisting of prawns, crabs, squid and... LALA :P What do they call LALA in english anyway? Anybody knows? I wanted to take photos of the food but was too busy eating so no photos :P Sorry.
Then headed to BED for drinks, as usual Keebs couldn't even finish a glass of sissy AK47. The RMDC (Real Men Drinking Club) guys (me, jeebs & neebs) had a blast despite the sissy-ness of Keebs. We had Long Island Tea, Dream (it sucks, tastes too sweet and its like bubblegum, more like nightmare for me), 2 jugs of Tiger, and ended it with shots of Orgasm, Sex in Bed and Flaming Samburca. It was fun, that was probably the first time we went drinking together?
Oh also there were bunch of guys and girls from the next table. The girls were like released from prison and were dancing & drinking like mad. One of the guys suddenly came over and gave a cup of chivas neat to drink. What's the point of that? I of course didn't know what to do but to drink it and say thanks. Hope I did the right thing though :P

And now New Year's is coming but won't be going back to BM. No money already keep drinking and eating. Went drinking again last night. This time to cheer up an old friend that broke up with her bf. There were 3 guys and 2 girls but I think only the other girl knew what happened to her. She acted happy throughout the whole course and keep on making everyone laugh. I hope she is okay and will get over her bf soon enough and back on her feet to be herself again :)

Let's see what I can do for New Year and I can't remember my 2007 resolution already!? :P

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Always Ahead

Just got back from Langkawi late Monday to watch LIMA with NBSD-[[Keebs]- and Jeebs.
It was a very fun trip having the chance to spend team with my good friends and just lepak.
Got sick yesterday, lost my voice, caught flu and coughing as well. This all probably due to OD on alcohol :P I'll blog about Langkawi next time.

Like the title says, Always Ahead, I'm already planning another trip.
This time its another trip to Penang for my colleagues at work.

Notice was sent out as below:


We have been procastinating that we want FOOD! We want GLORIOUS, DELICIOUS, HEAVENLY FOOD!
Now is the time we take our stand and make the decision that will change our lives forever!

Kindly refer below:
Mission: Penang Food Hunt
Code name: PF2PG

Day 1:
- 0200 we all finish work together and drive down to the Land of Glorious Food aka Penang aka Pearl of the Orent.
- 0600 we reach Penang and start our hunt.
Choices: Penang Hokkien Mee using mantis prawn OR Penang Dim Sum?
- 0730 we go to our hotel, check in and rest. Hotel not sure yet - checking for rates at this moment, to see if I can get cheap hotel for you all.
- 1230 wake up & wash up
- 1330 go for war!
Choices: Chicken Rice + Variety of Mee (Hong Tou Min, Ee Foo Min, Char Tua pan & etc)
OR Mt. Erskine aka Pek Hoon Suah - famous for Mee Goreng but also have a lot of other stuff laksa, popiah, pasembur, hokkien mee, wantan mee & etc.
- 1530 we should finish lunch by then maybe can head to Gurney Plaza for some shopping or maybe window shopping.
- 1800 move on to Batu Feringghi, walk walk a bit and of course for you pirates you can get some DVD's.
- 2100 hopefully by this time everyone's hungry and we can head to Gurney for our dinner. Lotsa food - fried chicken, laksa, rojak, sotong panggang & MANY MORE~!~!~!
- 2300 back to the hotel, wash up and PARTY TIME!!! We go clubbing!!!
- 0100 of the next day we either wrap up and go back to the hotel OR for those who can still find space in their tummy we can have some REAL ORIGINAL NASI KANDAR!

Day 2:
- 1200 wake up, wash up & check out from hotel.
- 1330 go for lunch.
Choices: New World aka Sin Sey Kai - Mee Sultan, Ice Kacang, Curry Mee, Hokkien Mee, Char Koay Teow & etc.
OR Lorong Selamat - Famous for its expensive and good Char Koay Teow, Ice Kacang and Penang Laksa.
- 1500 can visit Penang Esplanade & Fort Cornwallis.
- 1700 we can go and eat the BEST cendol in Penang at Penang Road. The laksa there is not bad as well.
- 1800 we leave Penang and head to Bukit Tambun/Batu Kawan for seafood. If you feel adventurous can use the ferry service or else Penang bridge the same way we came.
- 1840 we reach and start feasting on the seafood, recommendation is Ah Yen at Batu Kawan, cheap and good.
Choices: Crab, Mantis Prawn, Fish, Prawns & ANYTHING also got lah!~
- 2030 we complete our trip, wave goodbye to the Land of Glorious Food and head back to Mud City.

The plan is to go on Saturday and come back on Sunday - preferred 2nd & 3rd Feb 2008.

Kindly reply as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Chief Food Commander - Alvino

Any opinion about this itenary guys? Some feedback might improve my plan.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

December Already?!?!?!

Yeah... its already December...
Fast right?
Time really flies when you're having fun.
I guess I'm having loads of fun now.
Still got my service line report to finish by this Friday.
I did 5 reports yesterday.
ISO auditors are coming from tomorrow will Friday.
I can't take my leave on Friday which sucks a lot.
Gotta take a flight back from KL to Penang at 6.55am when I finish work at 2am.

Oh boy its gonna be a busy week...

Friday, November 30, 2007

Alvin with a big hole in the pocket

As you may have been informed in my previous posts that I spent almost a thousand on my car for repairs. That has burnt a big hole in my pocket.
Nevertheless another thing has happened... like the Malay saying, "Sudah jatuh lagi ditimpa tangga".
I have been having these pains on my lower right jaw for the past few days now.
It gives me a slight headache and because I bite my teethes a bit when I sleep it hurts even more. So today I couldn't bare the pain anymore and went to visit the dentist.

Got a x-ray done immediately and the doctor diagnosed it as my tooth that had a filling put in say... hmmm... when I was in form 3(thats around 1996), has some infections under the filling and its touching the nerves. That's why I am feeling such pains.
2 options were given to me, save the tooth by doing a root canal and then crowning OR remove the tooth completely and put in a fake one.
I am a saver, I've saved it once, I'm gonna save it again :)
So decided to go for the root canal and crowning option.
Just in case you want to know root canal is removing the nerves underneath your tooth. That will make it a so called "dead tooth" then they put a crown over it. Thats to cover back the hole in the tooth. Well... it hurts... trust me... it really does!
If you want to know more - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Root_canal
So like what the title says big hole in my pocket, here's the break down:
Root canal - RM600
Crowning - RM480
Total - RM1080
The hole in my pocket & look on my face when I heard the price - PRICELESS

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

False Information on the internet?

Hmmm... I just wonder why some people provide the wrong information on the internet.
Even when I was like in Form 3 when mIRC was the biggest thing, people were giving wrong information. Like for example whether they were male of female.
Well I would understand why they'd lie about their gender. The males pretend to be females to get to know the females better, I think lar. Don't know if that trick works as I've never tried it myself :P

However I don't know why people would lie about their age & zodiac year.
Well some people lie to be younger so they can court younger chicks but putting your age as 251? What for? You want to court dinosaur?
Then this guy is obviously a rooster, chinese zodiac year, but he puts as RAT?
What can he achieve by doing this? Hmm... really makes me wonder.
Then there's another thing, his profile has been viewed 53 times and nobody bothered to fark him up :) I always like to be different!

Have you ever pretended to be someone else on the internet?
I've never... just be yourself :)

Syiok Sendiri

- Alvino - says: where else besides jobstreet ah
- Alvino - says: i dont like jobsdb.com
- Alvino - says: anywhere else?
Lingy says: jobstreet so far the best lor
- Alvino - says: ya lor
- Alvino - says: we should create emptystreet.com
- Alvino - says: coz all the streets will be empty... why? everyone has a farkin job!
- Alvino - says: hahahahahah

Sigh... I syiok sendiri...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Feeling very down 27th November 2007

Today, for no reason, I am feeling very down...
Just feel like resigning and go travel around the world for a month.
I think a lot of people will feel this way when they are stressed out.
For no reason I feel stressed out.
I just mentioned in my previous posts that I have basically nothing to do at work.
So you might be thinking, "What is this mutha farker thinking? Stress? Come do my work then you know what is stress!".
Let me put it this way... have you ever wondered why some of the people in your company or organisation can keep on working non-stop and are still pretty happy when they are given a lot of work to do. Thats because they are doing what they love and more importantly they are working with people that has the same objectives to achieve. What I'm facing now might not make sense to you but I am really very tired of this job and really want to just resign.
When I decided to take this job offer and leave Dell I was very happy that I would be able to take on this new challenge and prove my capabilities in another company. I even didn't rest from Dell and took this new job immediately without a break. Sigh... I wish I had taken a rest first before coming here. I wish I hadn't leave Dell where all my good friends are now. I live my life by the motto that I won't regret whatever I do... now I am regretting... TOO LATE...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dedicated to Grace - My Dear

*** WARNING!!! This post could potentially caused some of you to feel sick or might even cause you to vomit or become suicidal. Could potentially make you laugh till you fall of your chairs. However you are not allowed to use this as a joke or something to tease me when you see me!!! ****

This post is dedicated to my dearest. She has always been patient with me for being so moody and bossy most of the times.

Dear if you see this, I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true (hopefully I'm in the wish).

They say pictures last forever... will we be forever? I hope so :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Boredom at work

Hey guys,
As you may or may not notice... I've been updating my blog quite frequently for this few weeks.
Reason is as stated in the title, "Boredom at work".
Seriously guys this is the easiest job I've done in my whole life...
At first it was busy... then when I finished all those things, I practically had nothing to do anymore.
I'm not trying to brag about my "easy job" instead I feel frustrated having to come from a job that has a lot things to handle to a job which basically asks me to sit here and just do nothing.
I feel that I am wasting my time here with nothing to do. Compared to what I was promised when I was interviewed for this job. Handling transitions, handling multiple accounts, having 20+ agents & many more. All this seems to be empty promises from what I can see from my point of view.
I was also promised a RM500 standby allowance before I came and when I got here... I was told, again, I can't claim this because I am not on standby.
By far... I am pretty dissatisfied and I shall carry on doing my daily tasks such as updating my blog, chatting on MSN, surfing websites, visiting all the forums I can think of, read blogs, read The Star online. Anyone got any suggestions on what else I can do at work?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Funniest load of crap I've seen in ages...


This has gotta be the funniest load of crap I have seen in a very very long time!
Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do...
If you want more head on to youtube.come as there's even more there!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Penang's Good Food... forget about those email that they forward

hey guys...
recently visited this blog by a BM guy... its superb!
he introduced a lot nice... and i mean really nice eating spots that i usually go to as well!
oh goodness gracious... being in KL and watching all those photos just gives me the urge to just drop everything in KL and go back to Penang just to eat 'em all
too bad i just cant do that... well... i wish i could though...
so if guys want to know what penang food is good... visit it here http://www.vkeong.com/

BM kia rulez!!!
Penang forever!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Being honest to run a business

Hey guys,
I know I know... been quite a while since I updated my blog.
Life has been pretty boring for the past few weeks.
Everyday I'd wake up late and go to work around 3-4pm.
Do some reports in the early times of the day and spend the rest of it sitting there doing nothing at all...
Well I'll skip all the boring part ok? ;)

My parents came down for the weekend just to visit my and my brother in KL.
So as usual whole family cramp into one car and we went to Sungei Wang.
On the way back I hit a pothole that was deceiving, it looked small but when I hit it, the whole car flew up :'( The steering was displaced around 40 degrees that pretty bad. When I turn its now hard to turn back, a little hard not to say very hard.
So the next day took it to a shop for checking or diagnostics.
So what happened? I felt like I got slammed by a phone book thats what happened.
The guy started checking and unveiled more and more and more issues with my car.
Kinda feel cheated :( At first he said bushing, then he said drive shaft and then he said steering rack. I was like WTF dude! Make up your mind!
So he then started making phone calls to get pricing. Which then he came back to me with a calculator and started hitting the calculator like a mad man. Ok he did't hit it like a mad man but to me it felt that way. *Tik* *tak* *tik* *tak* times that like a million times and he showed me the golden number. MAHAI it was a thousand plus!
Suddenly I felt like a sucker... a big one!
I gave the guy a frown and told, "Wo mei you chien!" (I don't have the money!) and I walked into my car and drove off.

I'm not sure if he was trying to rip me off or what but sure felt like it was. Consulted the great Keebs which told me to get a 2nd opinion first which is the right thing to do.
Can't KL people do business with honesty? When I was in Penang I wont have problems like this... hmm...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Old post

This is an old old post I should have posted long long time ago.
Anyway, better late than never rite?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Long wait ended

After a long long wait... the wait has ended
Yesterday was the go-live day for the calls to be taken by my team in KL
The calls were previously handled by a team of service desk in Crewe, UK.

Well... I haven't been talking much about work so you might not know what I am talking about. I'll try to summarise what has happened in the past month about work.

I was hired to manage of a team of service desk analyst. The company wanted to transfer the current desk in UK to Malaysia. This is usually for cost saving purposes and sometimes customers requirements.
We were all in training for a month starting September. Even the customer came down to see how we were doing prior to going live. It was the service manager which we thought before this was a very strict person but he turned out to be very nice and very helpful which helped our team to prepare even better.

That's basically it. So we went live yesterday and started picking up calls from customers, resolving technical issues and of course we had a little issues here & there. It was expected. First days are like that :) It can never be perfect.
For me, it was good enough. I am very proud to be in a team of people that are so dedicated and smart. Kudos to them.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

1 month it has been

Time flies as they say, it really does.
It is now 1 month since I make the decision to let go of everything I had.
My hometown, my house, my home, my job, my girlfriend, my family and my friends.
To come to this place call Kuala Lumpur.
Well... its not that bad, its just me. I just miss my friends and family but also the food in Penang.
I wish I could bring all the good food from Penang to KL...
Maybe I could? and make lots of money from doing that haha :)

To update, I have got my broadband installed.
I moved to a new apartment last weekend. Actually on my birthday itself.
Spent the whole day moving and unpacking my stuff.
Then drove all the way back to Penang.
It was a very busy weekend but I really enjoyed it and appreciated it a lot.
Spending time with friends and family is the best thing and the most important thing.
I guess moving to KL has made me realise that even more.
Well, no point going on about that. Its too late to turn back now.
Just feeling sad... sorry...

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another day another story... but...

Like the title says... another day another story but...
I don't have anything to say actually...
Sorry to disappoint anyone reading this but what I actually want to say
is this...
Sometimes thing may appear nice and turn out bad. That's my biggest worry right now.
Everything at work seems to be fine. Everyone is nice to everyone, well at least
in my team. That just worries me a little. Just worried that some day out of the
blue I might get a few stabs at the back. Office politics just sucks man.
I hate working in a place where there is a lot of politics. I think I just
joined a company which has a lot of politician-wanna-be.
Well... what else can I do but just wait for someone to appear behind me
trying to back stab me. Just have to be ready at all times.

On a better note... I am sitting inside a cyber cafe with a hot chiq just sitting
very very close to me... she's very hot man! Very nice figure say 36C 24 28.
Yeah the arse a bit small... :P Well at least make my Sunday in KL move livelier.
Spent the whole Sunday at home... even ordered McDonald's to be delivered.
What a way to spend a Sunday :(

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

3rd Week in Kay L

This is the 3rd week I am here...
Still trying to get use to the things here
Cantonese is not really that easy
Watchin TVB makes it look so much easy but... everything I want to say
the words out... it just goes missing
Guess practice makes perfect

For the past week it has been pretty boring and dry
Everyday just go to work and attend training
Finish work play pool coz in my pantry there's a pool table
Then on Friday my colleagues took me to Asia Cafe at Subang
Had dinner and played pool again... haha...
And of coz not to miss out the booze :P

KL... this is what I do :(

Sunday, September 16, 2007

KL - Too Big for Alvino

Oh boy... it's been exactly 1 week since I've touched down in KL
Since last Saturday which is the 8th of September 2007,
I have spent RM200 for petrol alone and RM50 for toll :S
Mind you that doesn't include the toll and petrol getting from Pg to KL!
Geez... I have gotten lost MANY MANY TIMES which is why I've spent so much.
Hence why the title, KL... too big for little Alvino :)

Well I guess I am still handling things pretty well...
At least I know how to go a few places, namely...
Cyberjaya (Work :P)
Puchong Jaya (HOME! :P)
Kelana Jaya station
Bukit Jalil Station
Old Klang Road
Mid Valley
IOI Mall nearest to my house...
USJ Taipan
Sunway Pyramid
The Curve, IKEA, IKANO and 1U

That's about it but I guess its good enough for a Penang boy to achieve in 1 week.

Ah... I also met up with Leonard and Jen (Xiao Min) over the weekend at The Curve.
She's going to leave Malaysia and go to Bristol on Monday, sad :(
Everyone in the old company still misses her but life goes on!
The Curve is really big a nice place to meet friends to chit chat... only thing I can remember about the The Curve is a Thai shop that sells nudles I guess its noodles.

AND!!! KL isn't that big... well... for this instance only... when I was at IKEA I met Robin and Lina who were in KL for the Jacky Cheung concert. After that I went to 1U and saw an ex-dell girl there as well... okay 2 instances... still KL is too big for Alvino :P

Don't know what else to say... too many things has happened...
Work hasn't really started yet... still undergoing training, induction, those normal stuff...
I guess the real "good stuff" is gonna come soon when my UK boss comes next week!
Life is going to be tough :'( but hey... no pain no gain
I am glad I accepted this job offer and moved to KL... I am learning much much more compared to when I was at Dell *cough*hell*cough*

That's all for the time being... going to go home now... paying RM2.50 an hour for internet usage till I get my own place and broadband...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

As the days passes... my heart weakens...

Day after day,
I feel like not going away.
Hour after hour,
The feeling gets even more sour.
Minute after minute,
I don't really think I can take it.
Seconds after seconds,
My heart weakens.

26 years I have been in Penang,
Want to leave everything really not senang.
My family, my father, mother, grandma and sister,
How can I leave and yet make my heart feel not so bitter?
My dear, my dear, my dear,
When will you be here?
My heng tai's! My tukau peng eu's! My brader's!
Will KL have the same bunch of suckers? <--- Haha... juz jokin!

Laksa, char koay teow & hokkien mee,
Limpeh very confirm go KL sure will only ciak mamee. :'(
Penang Laksa is call Laksa,
In KL why Curry me also called Laksa, ini memang seksa!
Limpeh is Penang chia cheng HOKKIEN lang,
Go KL speak cantonese? I will kiang kan.

Thats all I can think of rite now...
Seriously... I don't feel I can live outside of Penang
but what else can I do but to embrace this change like a man.
To all my frens that are reading this... you better farking come down to KL
and find me more... Don't come and keep it a secret...
If I find out... ur car ur house... u better hide it :P

Friday, August 31, 2007

Double Merdeka Event :)

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of our countries Indepence!
In malays its called MERDEKA!

There's also another Merdeka... but its for me only :P
Starting 10 September 2007 I will be starting a new leaf in my life.
I actually got a new job in Cyberjaya.
It is the same job as what I am doing now but it will definitely give me
more expreiences and much more things for me to learn.
Part of me says Merdeka... another part of me is so sad that I have to leave
everything I have in Penang...
My girlfriend, my parents, my sister, my khai ma, khai mui, and many close friends.
Leaving my current company which I have worked in for 3 years 4 months and 23 days.
Thats a big big jump for me...
Too sad to blog... will blog more later...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This is definitely not about shuffling job tasks at work...
It is actually about Melbourne Shuffle
I came to know about this dance quite some time ago but didn't really explore it
I think its a very cool dance actually... else I won't be posting this :P

Don't want to say much about it... witness it for yourself :)

Below is a very good tutorial if you'd like to learn how to shufflez :)

If you're interested to know more then learn how to use google :P
else msg me and I will share what I know but I'm a total newbie learning :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Long it has been...

Looking back at the things I've done and been through these few years...
boy... It's been so fast, time really flies...

It's been...
9 years since I graduated from High School Bukit Mertajam...
5 years since I left TAR College...
3 years since I left Systematics College...
3 and a half years since I left ItraMAS Manufacturing Sdn Bhd...
and... its been 3 and a half years I've worked at *cough* hell *cough* I mean DELL

Wow... 3 and a half years... hmmm... longest I've been in a company
Just makes you feel like its time to move on huh?
I mean it just gets boring after sometime...
Everyday its the same old drill... sigh...
That's why they say young people cannot work in the same place for a long time
I agree lar... boring one you know... same faces everyday
Especially when gf in the same company as you... wanna look or get to know other
girls also damn hard... so many spies around you... Hahaha :P

Well... I think I might just really wanna try a new environment!
What do you guys think?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Linux Ubuntu with Beryl Desktop Manager

Recently like I updated on my chatterbox I'm busy with work :P
Nevertheless I had to relax and have my own time at home.
So what I did was, like the title said, played around with linux ubuntu with the beryl desktop manager working as well!
It actually took me 5 days to get it all working, all because of my ATI card drivers were giving me attitude.
Well anyway its been a long long time since I had ventured into the penguin world.
Last I did was probably around 1998 or 1999 when I was in college.
Well enuff about the history lesson, let me give you all, my loyal blog readers, a little tour of ubuntu + beryl.

To make it simple, ubuntu is linux but just another version which is much much more user friendly compared to RedHat or Fedora or SuSe or Mandrake. It can still be a pain in the arse if you're a pure Microsoft Windows user and never tried linux before.
Beryl however is like the desktop theme manager that allows you to do very very cool stuff with your desktop. Think of it as Vista Aero 3D feature which requires like 2GB of RAM and high speed processor and good graphics card. Beryl - NO! You don't need those high end hardware. I'm running this on my P4 2.8, 512MB RAM and old ATI Radeon 9600 128MB graphics card.

Well... its pretty hard to explain so... let me paint a few millions words with the following screenshots of my desktop and some video from youtube to further amaze you.
However if you are interested to know more, there will be a few links below for you to refer to.

Above photo shows how you can rotate your desktop to show a 4 workspaces

Rotated the desktop while movie was playing in between desktops.
It shows that the movie is lagging but actually it wasn't.

This is like Vista's preview of windows when you Alt+Tab but is more cooler because it goes in a circle.

As for this one, when you move your mouse to the top right hand corner it automatically puts all the open windows properly and you can choose which one you want to go to. Movie is still playing too :P

So as promised here are the videos:

Very incredible:

Comparison of Vista and Ubuntu:

Last one:

Well if you guys are interested and want to try it go to:
Ubuntu Official site - http://www.ubuntu.com/ or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_%28Linux_distribution%29
Beryl Project site - http://www.beryl-project.org/ or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beryl

Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Telco Wars

This is starting to become a nuisance... but I love it :)
Or else we consumers wont get cheaper rates and better service...

Have a look at these 2 videos, you'll know what I mean.
I hope you enjoy the vid :P

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Am I a teacher or a manager in a MNC?

Today I feel like I was a teacher in secondary.
Where you have kids ponteng school and classes and all that.
Then you have to call their parents to iron things out.
Damn I don't like it but this incident made my day :)

I have chinese guy reporting to me recently.
He's actually from the same college as me, actually same year as well.
When he came for the interview he was surprised that he was being interviewed by me. Eventually I hired him as I thought that he would be okay the interview went fine and all that.
Little did I know I was gonna get the ride of my life as manager.
He started work soon after all the training we put him through.
He had a lot of problems following instructions and he had communication issues as well as some attitude issues.
One of those guys that always have to leave early, always a NO man, never YES.
So being his manager of coz I have to lecture him and all that but I also tried subtle ways, as a friend, telling him about his problems and how to improve it.
Guess what happened next? He went missing on me.

He was on medical leave on Friday, the following Monday and Tuesday.
On Wednesday he took emergency leave, then on Thursday he went on medical again. This actually got me very pissed off. Being a friend and manager and the person who hired him, he just made me feel like I was an arse for hiring him.
So I decided to call him but he wouldn't answer my calls for 2 days I tried.
I then had no choice but to call his house which his mom answered.
Told the mom that I was worried about his well being since I have been trying to contact him for a few days now. His mom was, of coz, shocked that his son hasn't been to work for so long. Then the mom called the dad and the dad called me. Now here's the funny part.

The dad was so worried about the son and all that. Saying that probably it must have been some bad influence that has made his son acted this way. His son if a perfectly good boy never ponteng kerja one. He asked me to forgive his son lar... take care of his son lar... teach him and help him grow...
Fu yoh... suddenly feel like a teacher :(
Then the funniest part the dad said this, "I'm gonna punish this boy! Tomorrow onwards he wont get to drive the car anymore! I'm gonna fetch him to work every single day!"
A full grown man getting his car taken away by his dad?!?!
How pathetic can this guy be.... hahahahahaha
Funniest story by far I've got being a manager...
Being a manager is so fun :) I love my job... NOT!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Freakin Flu

Caught a pretty bad flu yesterday.
I actually went to work first around 6am then left work at 10am to see the doctor.
It was pretty okay at first flu, sore throat and a bit of cough.
Took the medicine and went to bed straight away.
That was around 11am I remember.
Then at 2.30pm I woke up feeling very very dizzy and a very bad headache.
Was feeling very cold too, I knew I got the fever already.
Took a panadol and tried to sleep some more but ended up vomiting.
Then slept till 6pm. A lot of people tried to call me because there was a dinner last night.
Sorry guys I couldn't answer the phone, I was pretty knocked up.
8pm the condition got worst!!!
Went to see the doctor again, different one this time - this doctor damn kap siao
Took his medicine and went to bed till 11pm, feeling a bit better after that
My gf bought some porridge for me to eat. She was there to put up with all my crap :P
Went to bed till 4am woke up and took some more medicine.
And now its 8.30am, slight headache and still having running nose.
But it is much better than yesterday.
This is the worst flu I ever caught by far.
Some more thought it was bird flu -_-"

Monday, June 04, 2007

Job Security

Job security is something I think people rarely have...
You could be a CEO for a MNC and you could still lose your job in a minute.
You can be a rubbish collector and still lose your job in a minute.
Who can have job security then? I don't know myself but thats not the point
of this entry... this entry is to express my sadness towards job security.
Seriously... nobody can have job security as long as you're working for someone.
Even if you have your own business, you can go bankrupt!
Nothing is for sure in this world... the world is round

Well... my company recently announced that they are going to cut down 10%
of their total workforce all around the world. That approximately 8800 permanent
employees and 5300 contract workers.
How wonderful is that? You can imagine me standing up pointing fingers and
shouting, "mah c!b@!!!! h@m!k l@nc!@0!!!".
Well this is the cold hard truth in the business world...
Hmm... what can I do if I get retrenched?
Probably I'll get like 5 months pay for 3 years service there.
Thats not alot... cant even pay my cars full loan amount for that...
by the way I only own a Kancil.
So what the fark am I going to do?
Maybe its the right time for me buy a one way ticket to Australia and see
if I can manage to start a life there? Or maybe New Zealand? Or even
go over to the States to visit my cousin which I haven't met since form 3.
Well I'm opened for suggestions...
Sincerely Lost

*btw I'm not joking - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18968966/ - Read it urself

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bandwidth Test Rip Off

Was browsing the forums when I saw something quite interesting... bandwidth test
The guy was using streamyx and he manage to get a download of 2M and upload of 1M which was cool! I thought I should try it too...
Look what I ended up with :P

That means I have a download of 34M and upload of 31M!
which is totally not true... I later found out that the speed test
server was sponsored by my ISP :( Fark!

Try it yourself... www.speedtest.net

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Friends that are business minded

Had one of my college friends contacting me last weekend.
Was quite a shocker as we haven't seen each other since a quite a while.
Said that he was in town and wanted to meet up with me to eat laksa.
Being the old nice pal I was of cause I agreed without hesitation.
He said 3pm and soon at 4.30pm I started to lose my patience,
hey 1.5 hours thats blardee long lar - was asleep anyway :P, so I decided
to give him ping. So he said sorry I'm meeting up with a customer and all that.
Fine fine... take your time, which he soon arrived within 15 minutes.
Going out to eat he came up with the topic that most people usually bring up
if you hadn't seen each other for a long time. Like what you doing to mess up your life rite now?
Are doing anyone famous like Palas Hilton? Niko Lychee?
Then he told me his "side" of his story which was quite sad. Mom met with an accident not
long ago and he had to take 2 months leave which caused him his job.
And right now he has to be in mortgage line with banks.
So I thought... still okay what, at least got job right?
Then another tragic story, my boss doesn't like me and I don't get a lot of sales!
Hmmm... something doesn't sound right!
Of coz we finished our laksa and when we reached our house *drum roll*
he said, Alvino help me sign up for a credit card *fireworks*
Whammmmm kena lar tu :(
Well of course being the nice pal I am I agreed
Sigh... should have smell it miles away but... I'm just too pure and innocent :'(
I don't mind helping a friend in need but come on be upfront about it to me
We're buddies, we're pals! Those reading these do not think I am easy to bully :P

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Life moving on fast...

Well things having been great so far at work
Remember that Pan Chai and Yan Dou Chai story?
Yeah those 2 buggers! Fortunately those 2 have been "moved"
out of my team... which has brought a great change to the teams morale
The people that used to be under them are starting to get motivated!
Thats great coz its showing in the service level, at times we can reach 100%
with 16 people available to take the next call... that has never happened!
Not once since I joined the team in July...
This is the first :) Some of the agents say the curse is over! Hahaha...

To me I dont think its a curse. Its all the agents doing. They shouldn't have let
their boss being lame as an excuse for not coming in to work and not performing
If they had done this earlier we would have been better off, maybe those that
didn't get their increment on March would have gotten it... well... too late anyway
I just hope those agents learn from this "tragedy" - bleeding for a whole year service level

As for me, times flies really when everything is going well...
I spend my days in the office doing this
1. Make sure my team attendance is full, if they're not there I'll have to know why
2. Go for breakfast :P
3. Check emails/consult for walk-ins/walk the floor
4. Meetings
5. Lunch
6. Check emails/consult for walk-ins/walk the floor
7. Meetings
8. Go home :)
Sounds easy huh? Well that was what I did for the past 2 weeks
Its gonna get tough though from next week onwards...
Gotta push up the figures for our survey from now

Well it was nice while it lasted :)
Hope everyone else is having the same easy-office-life streak, especially keebs :P

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Recently there has been a li-ork (re-org) done by my company...
Now my boss is gone... and a new boss is here...
He has been for the past 1 week but I was away at Genting! :)
Making myself dizzy and sick with the stupid roller coaster rides, pirate ship rides...
Soon after that we "completed" our trip and came back... the bus broke down...
My nose bleed... overheated obviously...
So... what else can happen to me?
Oh ya... this is the 8th manager I have changed over a period of 1 year!
Well thats all in a nutshell of what happened...
Life is tiring...
Did you guys hear about the HP customer service manager who died from
being overworked and too stressed out?
Hope I dont end up like her... maybe if I do... my blog will get freakin famous?
All proceeds will go to my frenz so they become rich out of a dead fren! :D

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Back to Hell Asia Pacific Sdn

Been away for a whole week from hell - office lar where else...
Was at Dorsett Hotel previously Sheraton Hotel.
Was there for a training sort of like Six Sigma, better known to manufacturing guys... but for my company its BPI - Business Process Improvement, fuyoh :P
Nama also canggih lar...
5 days... 5 days of heaven... and it has to end! Why?
Why all good things must come to an end?
Tomorrow is Monday, I feel very farked up right now...
I think I'm sick... Can I please not go to the office?
Talked to a few of me colleagues, everyone seems pissed off at something
I dont know what has happened in that 1 week but sure seems pretty bad
Just makes me feel even more reluctant to go back!
Well like I said in my previous post... its that damn Pan Chai and Yan-Dou Chai stirring up problems in the office, causing everyone to be pissed
How the fark can I get rid of them please... its either me or them!
I already feel like just giving in my resignation later and just fly out of this country and go backpacking how nice would that be :)
Should have done that when I didnt have so many commitments
Now my dad is retired, mom is asking for more money from me as well :(
Sigh... life... why does it have to go in this cycle? Why can't I just go wherever I want and do whatever I please! Damn man... DAMN!!!

Someone please SAVE ME!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Specially dedicated post to Pan Chai.

Pan Chai oi... why you like that one?
Why you cannot understand human language one...
How to explain to you only you can understand?
Not that people dont want to explain or teach you mah...
but tell you liao somemore you want to disagree... then how ah?
Why you have to make my life so miserable??? WHY???

Lastly I want to make clear to my fellow friends...
please follow my advice below:


Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Have you guys seen the famous American TV Series called HEROES?
Its a great show about how humans over the years of evolution
evolved to be human being with extraordinary powers.

All this happen with the transformation of genes.
Don't ask me how it happens... I just don't know...
BUT... if you would like sneak peak of what you will get...
Look below...

Haha... this is not Heroes... its ZEROES!
Fake version of Heroes... haha gotcha!
Courtesy of -KCB-

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Funny Clips - Must Watch & Listen!

This is the funniest sound clips I've heard EVER. PERIOD.

Enjoy it... but 2nd one for those who understand hokkien only...

1. RK House - No Pork Prank

2. Kopitiam Prank - Hokkien

Great Week coz...

All I can say is, "Wow!"
It has been a great week for many in my company.
A lot of them got great performance reviews and there was a lot
of promotions as well... despite the companies poor performance.

For myself I got a promotion as well which was... hmm...
many were saying "well deserved promotion"
maybe thats true but looking at my own teams performance
i think i shouldn't have gotten the promotion at all...

nevertheless i will try harder to bring my team up to the next level
and make sure this time at least 2 people in my team gets promoted!

Gambateh neh!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How to make your own Shandy - Amazing! Try it!

Like the title says... this entry is going to teach you how to make some
kick arse shandy without having to pay so much :)

All you need is just...
A Can of Carlsberg

A big bottle of 7up

Juz mix em and drink em!
Bottoms up :)

So easy... blogging is so easy... haha...

Well this recipe I got it from my mom...
She was told of it while shopping for CNY goods and the lady
juz told her, "Save your money, dont buy shandy! DIY dude!"

OK the "DIY dude", I added myself

Anyway photos of what happened with this experiment my mom did...
It actually tastes better than the Real Shandy :P not so real after all...

Enjoy making your own Shandy...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Gathering with old housemates from TAR College

Another CNY entry!
Met up with some of my ex-housemates when I was in TARC Penang
We used to stay in the Boon Siew Houses by Penang Realty
It was a nice house... 5 rooms... semi-d house not bad lar...
We had like 13 people in a house hahaha
It was a big happy family... boy I miss my college days :(
Those were the days... nuff bout that... back to the entry!

Attendees were me, my gurl, Li Yen, Tze Yann, Ying Yee and her man Peter.
Everybody looks the same... except for me...
They couldn't recognise me ='(
Again the word "FAT" come up... damn it...
Juz met up to catch up on the good old times
Well I'll post some photos... dun drool all over your keyboard pls =D~

This is a group with photo with LiYen and TzeYann, me in the middle to cover my "fat"

Vain shots...


MaeYen aka Grace

Thats all for now... once again Keong Hee Huat Chye~

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chinese New Year 2007

This year's CNY is really boring man!
At least last year got a lot of activities...
A lot of people not working...
Phone keeps ringing with invitations to go mamak, go lim teh and all that...
This year totally ZERO, NULL, NIL!!!
The thing is this year I purposely take leave leh...
but but but... nobody take leave this year besides me!
What the heck....
I cant curse somemore coz its CNY... argh!!!

I'm rottin at home with nothing to do...
Looks like I really have to continue my Alias Season 1 to 5 Marathon...
CNY is losing its hype year after year...
I really have to make it more interesting next year!
That should be 1 of my 2008 resolutions...
BORING... ciaoz

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Keong Hee Huat Chai

Keong Hee Huat Chai for my hokkien peeps!
Gong Xi Fa Chai~
Gong Hei Fatt Choi!

CNY juz doesnt seem like what it used to be when we were small doesnt it?
Everyone would get so excited about CNY that they'd practically pee in their pants :P
Now CNY juz seems like every other day...
No sound of firecrackers... People dont visit each other anymore
Heck I didnt even buy new clothes or shoes

Well despite all that... been getting a lot of wishes via SMS as usual like Christmas and
New Years...
Here's a good one I'd like to share, direct translation from cantonese to english:
Wish you Horse Arrive Work Done,
Step Step High Rise,
Year Year Got Fish,
One Road Smooth Wind,
Heart Think Work Done,
Dragon Horse Sperm god!

Keong Hee Huat Chai~
Huat Tua Chai~

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happi Balentine's Dey

Happi Balentine's Dey...

Its a new line of liquor from Balentine's :P

What is Valentine?
To Woman: Romance and treated like queen
To Man: Savings gone, credit card swipe max, treated like a slave

Wonder who made this Valentine day?
Even the date also 14/2 if you read this in cantonese its gonna be
"sap sei... yee" which easily converts to be "confirm die easy" knn...
Must be a chinese girl who made up this valentine's day

Anyway my pocket now got hole... so Happy Valentine's Day to everyone
reading this and Happy Chinese New Year soon :)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Usual Friday Nite - Happy Hour

Recently I've been hanging out with colleagues on Friday nite after work
We've been visiting this place called Crytalz Pub
Its one of those old fashion lounges with some "senior citizens" but I actually
like that place a lot... maybe I'm gettin old
You dont have a dance floor... nobody dances...
Everyone juz sits at their table and shares singing a big karaoke projected
to the mainscreen
Kinda nice place to juz sit, drink, relax and talk to frenz
Complain about work... make fun of stupid managers... :)
And by going there I have finally come to understand why people like to
drink and smoke so much... it really takes the pressure of u
It might juz be an excuse but... it sure helps me take off some of the pressure load

So anybody interested to go and treat me a jug or two :D

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

End of Jan 2007

One month it has been...
Still I feel like I'm in 2006...
Why? Coz everything at work is still the same...
People are still pulling the same ol' shitty stunts
Taking MC's like the clinic belongs to their grandfather...
Going missing for 1 or 2 days and come back with a lame excuse...
Geez... its like new year didnt even happen...

Well at least my pod is doing great :)
Lucky for me I have a bunch of great guys and gals in my pod
They are champs... I couldnt want to be in any other team than mine

Well... nothing much to say actually...
Starting to get use to the work of a TL...
Not as pressured and stressed when I started...
I've gotta thank my champs for that

Lastly... I have a mathematical question for you
B2.IC.L2 + B2.PM.TL = What?
Can someone tell me the answer? Bwahahaha

Friday, January 12, 2007

Updates for a fren in need of blogs to read

This is for you Keebs

Date 12th Jan, Friday
Woke up as usual at 4.30am for work
Brushed my teeth and feel something in my throat
Spat it out... turned out to be something like my flesh
Spat for the second time blood came out -_-"
Must have been because I worked too hard... knn 5am to 7pm only what @_@
Didn't drink enough water
Didn't eat on time coz farkers like to set meetings at lunch time
Didn't get enuff sleep... wake up at 4.30 only waht #_#

I know all that is crap... not funny at all... but i've got a joke for u all
Bloopers for Entering 2007
11th day into 2007 and my fren did something really bad...
He went to Penang GH looking for his gf that was admitted.
Looking for the room numbers and all that... but he couldnt find her
Then he decided to call her gf... turns out his gf is at Island Hospital
Terus kena kantoi kao kao :)
Dude... if you're reading this... dont do it the next time... ears sakit... kena pinch teruk man
You know who you are! haha

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Happy New Year 2007 Everyone...
I know its 7 days late :)
What can I say... but I've been tied up at work
As usual working from 5am-5pm sometimes more
I am doing dual role and I think I'm goin to die very very soon
They're gonna have reviews on my 2nd role as well now... DAILY...
That means I have to prepare DOUBLE... mch mcb
C1 prepare 1 review...
Me a freakin B2 prepare 2 review... do 2 B3 jobs! ARGH!!! HMLC!!!