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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

End of Jan 2007

One month it has been...
Still I feel like I'm in 2006...
Why? Coz everything at work is still the same...
People are still pulling the same ol' shitty stunts
Taking MC's like the clinic belongs to their grandfather...
Going missing for 1 or 2 days and come back with a lame excuse...
Geez... its like new year didnt even happen...

Well at least my pod is doing great :)
Lucky for me I have a bunch of great guys and gals in my pod
They are champs... I couldnt want to be in any other team than mine

Well... nothing much to say actually...
Starting to get use to the work of a TL...
Not as pressured and stressed when I started...
I've gotta thank my champs for that

Lastly... I have a mathematical question for you
B2.IC.L2 + B2.PM.TL = What?
Can someone tell me the answer? Bwahahaha

Friday, January 12, 2007

Updates for a fren in need of blogs to read

This is for you Keebs

Date 12th Jan, Friday
Woke up as usual at 4.30am for work
Brushed my teeth and feel something in my throat
Spat it out... turned out to be something like my flesh
Spat for the second time blood came out -_-"
Must have been because I worked too hard... knn 5am to 7pm only what @_@
Didn't drink enough water
Didn't eat on time coz farkers like to set meetings at lunch time
Didn't get enuff sleep... wake up at 4.30 only waht #_#

I know all that is crap... not funny at all... but i've got a joke for u all
Bloopers for Entering 2007
11th day into 2007 and my fren did something really bad...
He went to Penang GH looking for his gf that was admitted.
Looking for the room numbers and all that... but he couldnt find her
Then he decided to call her gf... turns out his gf is at Island Hospital
Terus kena kantoi kao kao :)
Dude... if you're reading this... dont do it the next time... ears sakit... kena pinch teruk man
You know who you are! haha

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Happy New Year 2007 Everyone...
I know its 7 days late :)
What can I say... but I've been tied up at work
As usual working from 5am-5pm sometimes more
I am doing dual role and I think I'm goin to die very very soon
They're gonna have reviews on my 2nd role as well now... DAILY...
That means I have to prepare DOUBLE... mch mcb
C1 prepare 1 review...
Me a freakin B2 prepare 2 review... do 2 B3 jobs! ARGH!!! HMLC!!!