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Monday, June 30, 2008

Jog #2

Today, after 9 days of my first jog, did 2.78km. Damn this time was much less compared to my first attempt! What the heck man?
First attempt 4.2km!?!?!? Difference of 1.42km!!! Shit must be the boozing and smoking that's killing me!
Gotta do better than 2.78km next time!
On the brighter side, I did 10 push ups & 25 sit ups! Hooray~ :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am going to get in shape!

Lately with the problems happening to me I guess it made me realize that not everything is for one thing and one thing is not everything. Deep leh?

Anyway my company started this "Walk Around The World" program which is meant to fight heart disease. One of the major cause of death for men is heart disease in US and also Malaysia (I think). Hence the program encourages everyone to WALK MORE! They gave us this small device called Walking Advantage 340 by SPORTLINE. Its function is to solely calculate every step you take and convert it into miles. How you use it is just clip it on to your belt or trousers and that's it! So with that little thing it has encouraged me to start jogging again.

I did 2.6 miles which is around 4.2km today. I think around 1km of it is walking :P On the way back I could feel my heart pounding very hard, so hard as if someone was punching my chest or heart. I quickly slowed down and reverted to walking. Shows how bad my heart condition and my total health condition is now. Well I promise that I will exercise at least once a week from now onwards. If she doesn't give a damn about me and can go jogging with colleagues and have dinner before coming home, I guess I can do the same. Why sit at home a be a good boy friend waiting for her when she treats me like crap?

Sad ending I know... but who cares!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fragile: Handle With Care

A lot of times we see that on boxes. Shipping boxes to be exact.
The sign is to actually warn us that the things within/contained in the box is/are easily broken and needs to be handled/taken cared of in a delicate/safe manner.
However when those boxes meets up with the shipping people, they don't care. More often than not you see them throwing these boxes like nobodies business.

I don't know how I'm going to relate this but here goes. Love is also like this. You will love that person so much that you are willing to do anything for him/her. You try to handle them with care but more often than not, you think/act with your heart rather than your brain. Like the "Fragile: Handle With Care" sign. You know you'll break it if you don't do things cautiously but still because of the so called "LOVE" that is affecting you, you handle it like an angry bull chasing after someone.

A lot of times I am stuck in that situation. I can control myself well in the office and also with friends, even with my family no matter what may come. I don't go into a berserk mode and fire upon everyone. But if its "LOVE" that is involved, I always seem to lose control of everything. I've made 3 holes on my room door. Come to think of it, damn it! I'll be having to pay for that! I'll have to pay for another thing too which is much more expensive than the door. Something that I will regret for my whole life, for someone who vows to never regret in any decision I make, this might be the first time I actually regret doing something.

Friday, June 06, 2008

3 days off...

Hooray... I'll be off 3 days this week due to Agong's Birthday.
Tonite 2 jokers will taking a bus down to KL from Penang.
I'll need to fetch them from Puduraya when they get here around 12am or 1am.
Then we'll probably go for supper and head on home to sleep.
Saturday I guess they would want to go shopping somewhere.
Nite time will probably be going clubbing or maybe find a place to just drink.
Sunday is the main thing! We're going to Genting don't know how will that end up.
Hehehe the guys want to go gambling, me on the other don't gamble so don't know what I'll be doing up there...
Monday probably will send to the bus station.
Ah... relax...