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Friday, October 24, 2008


Many stories I've heard from people with more relationship experiences about this.
I never believed them cause I always had the confidence that I'd be able to overcome such issues. Moreover parents these days are more open and understanding of the needs of the younger generation.

Well, I was proven wrong, very wrong, when my GF got dragged to dinner by her sis to lecture her about how she's not thinking straight and how I'm not close with the family.
I was actually quite shocked because every event they had, I attended. I really did compared to my previous relationships, I could not care less. I think that I have a right to choose whether I should join such activities or not. If everyone wants to celebrate New Year does not mean I have to! I can freaking celebrate Deepavali if I wanted to. My GF's family coming from KL I'd expected less "kolot" thinking. How wrong was I. Everything had to be done formally. I was expected to seat at their house for them to get to know me. I am fine with that but they never extended any invitation for me to go their house. It has always been me going there without any invitation. I am the type that feels like I'm invading someones privacy if I go someones house. Even if I'm sitting there doing nothing, I'll just be like a pair of CCTV camera (OCTV - Open Circuit in this case) standing 168cm tall looking at them. Sigh... why do I have to face al this problem when I've found the perfect one for me. WHY~!?~!?~!?~!?

Monday, October 06, 2008

27th Year on Earth

My 27th Year on Earth has been great and things got better this year =)
I had someone very special to celebrate my birthday with me and I could not ask for more.
Its not going to be a long post its just a special thank you to Celine Ng Pey Zhi for the wonderful birthday trip back to Penang which both of us ended up sick.
Thank you to all the friends who called, who SMS-ed and left me messages on facebook, msn and friendster!
Thanks guys!