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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Old Dell Memories

Was shocked today when a friend sent me some photos.
It was actually photos of me! They were taken back in 2005 if I am not mistaken. At that time I was still a 1st level technical support guy in ANZ Gold Tech Support for desktops and laptops. The reason they took this photo, framed it and hanged it on the wall was unknown. It was some programme they launched call "I am the ONE!", supposedly I am suppose to be the one that makes Dell customers come back and spend more money, HAPPILY! Haha...
I know deep inside my heart, I was chosen because I was the best (juz jokin guys, hold the flame guns!)

Sure did bring back a whole lot of memories - good and bad obviously :P Back then it was hell having to take 50-60 calls a day. At the same time it was fun for me as my colleagues sort of looked up to me for technical assistance and my boss trusted me with her managerial/administration stuff. Was a great experience for me to learn things from her down to the nitty-gritty things like the roster, lunch breaks, reports and all those stuff.
Anyway I'm happy for all that has happened, cause its made me who I am now!