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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Back to Hell Asia Pacific Sdn

Been away for a whole week from hell - office lar where else...
Was at Dorsett Hotel previously Sheraton Hotel.
Was there for a training sort of like Six Sigma, better known to manufacturing guys... but for my company its BPI - Business Process Improvement, fuyoh :P
Nama also canggih lar...
5 days... 5 days of heaven... and it has to end! Why?
Why all good things must come to an end?
Tomorrow is Monday, I feel very farked up right now...
I think I'm sick... Can I please not go to the office?
Talked to a few of me colleagues, everyone seems pissed off at something
I dont know what has happened in that 1 week but sure seems pretty bad
Just makes me feel even more reluctant to go back!
Well like I said in my previous post... its that damn Pan Chai and Yan-Dou Chai stirring up problems in the office, causing everyone to be pissed
How the fark can I get rid of them please... its either me or them!
I already feel like just giving in my resignation later and just fly out of this country and go backpacking how nice would that be :)
Should have done that when I didnt have so many commitments
Now my dad is retired, mom is asking for more money from me as well :(
Sigh... life... why does it have to go in this cycle? Why can't I just go wherever I want and do whatever I please! Damn man... DAMN!!!

Someone please SAVE ME!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Specially dedicated post to Pan Chai.

Pan Chai oi... why you like that one?
Why you cannot understand human language one...
How to explain to you only you can understand?
Not that people dont want to explain or teach you mah...
but tell you liao somemore you want to disagree... then how ah?
Why you have to make my life so miserable??? WHY???

Lastly I want to make clear to my fellow friends...
please follow my advice below: