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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brain is jammed up

I realize it has been 1.5 months since I last updated my blog.

Reason? Simple - WORK!

Been staying back lately to pick up new stuff.
Learning about new products that I will have to support in the future.
Quantum DX series, DXi series and StorNext File system SNFS& Storage Manager SNSM.
Not learning SNFS nor SNSM yet, will be going to the US to attend a training on that.
For those who don't know yet, I'll be in Englewood Colorado from the 18th July till 2nd of August. So I'm trying hard now to learn up the basics so that I don't make a fool out of myself there!
Training after trainings has practically drained up all the juice I have left in my brain. Don't think I can even have any left to play games on facebook LOL.

Dang... see my head is so blank now I can't even think of what else to write!
Hehe... till next time I guess.

PS* Pray for me so that I don't get H1N1 - Thanks!